Midnighter, To Russia With Hate

You are the Midnighter. You want to impress someone on a date. You have a teleporter. Where do you take them?


Well in today's Midnighter #2 by Orlando and Morgan, it's Moscow, on the week of gay pride, obviously. Because they are so, so tolerant.
IMG_0023aI get the feeling that, for Midnighter, this is the equivalent of taking a first date on a roller coaster ride.

With a similar effect in the other party…

I did also want to point out another moment. One of the skills of a fine commercial comics writer woring on a work-for-hire property is to take a phrase or a moment so associated with a character and find a totally different context for it that seems so obvious, the second after it is used.

Which is how this very familiar Midnighter monologue over the last fifteen years…

640129-the_authority_02___10 (1)2245176-untitled_scanned_23__2__2207206-181905-midnighter

Suddenly becomes this one.




Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics of London, who will be making their first trip to San Diego Comic Con together later this week. But first, they have a signing with Si Spurrier today and an exhibition launch and talk with Mark Buckingham on Saturday…


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