My First Book Of Girl Power, Featuring Wonder Woman, Batgirl And Supergirl

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Okay. So this is possibly the best book in the entire universe according to some readers. It smacks of the seventies with a rather nineties Spide Girls twist and perfect for the teens. With female superhero fans struggling to find the right products for them, here is something to buy a younger daughter who is at exactly the right age.

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There's no one training to be Batman's wife here. The book also features Black Canary, Mera, Raven, and Hawkgirl.

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The author says "In 2011, we published My First Wonder Woman Book (an interactive board book and companion to My First Suoerman Book and My First Batman Book). It has been really popular with moms and comic book fans who have been asking us to create more titles for girls. None of the other female characters is popular enough to warrant a book all to herself. But realizing how many female fans were out there, we thought it would be great to introduce them to the cool, lesser known characters—and to the traits that make them so powerful. With the female super heroes, there's a lot more going on than super strength. We also thought it was important for girls to have these strong role models the way boys can look to Superman and Batman."

Of course, after this they may not exactly have much to follow up with. I guess there's always Gotham Academy. And they promise a craft kit to follow…

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