New Youngblood Publisher Will Meet Alan Moore's Conditions, No Matter How Outrageous

Andrew Rev's Terrific Production LLC recently acquired the rights to Youngblood, a matter which Youngblood creator Rob Liefeld was not pleased with. Since then, Rev has been working to recruit comic book writers and artists to Terrific Production, and he's apparently shooting for the stars. On the Terrific Production twitter account, Rev put out a call for someone to put him in touch with Alan Moore so he can make Moore an offer… and Rev is willing to meet Moore's conditions, no matter how outrageous.

Unfortunately, Rev isn't having much luck locating the comics wizard, except for one false alarm.

He is reaching out to other comic book creators, however, such as David Lapham

And Steve Rude

And James Tynion IV

And Evan Dorkin

Though in that case, Rev chose a poor tweet to respond to, prompting this response:

Rev did apologize… sort of.

Meanwhile, some helpful followers are reaching out with ideas that could help boost Terrific Production's visibility, efforts which are clearly appreciated.

Speaking of which, Rev also commented on plans to bring back lapsed Youngblood fans.

For now, Rev is working toward the goal of gaining 200 followers for Terrific Production's twitter account…

Oops, looks like he fell asleep mid-tweet.

The saga continues…

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