No Holds Bard Graphic Novel Collection Launches This Week

No Holds Bard, the funny, irreverent six-issue series that Gail Simone declared as "…brilliantly written, gorgeously illustrated. This is why I am in love with comics" is being collected into trade paperback.  published by Behemoth Comics by Eric Gladstone, artist Gabrielle M. Kari, colorist Ines Bravo, and letterer Aditya Bidikar, is a binge-worthy Shakespearean superhero story, written partially in iambic pentameter, reminiscent of Adam West's Batman TV Show, and packed full of jokes that will make one chuckle for more.

No Holds Bard: Graphic Novel Collection Launches This Week
"No Holds Barred"

In No Holds Bard, William Shakespeare is not just the greatest actor/poet/playwright of all time, but he was also the Elizabethan Era's greatest crimefighter! Here's the synopsis:

"When Queen Elizabeth I is kidnapped, only the dramatic duo of William Shakespeare and William Page in their superhero alter-egos, THE BARD and PAGE can save her! In this globe-trotting graphic novel, The Bard and Page butt heads and come to blows with contemporaries and fictional characters alike, from Sir Francis Bacon and Kit Marlowe to Puck and a zombified Richard III. As they get closer to the truth behind Shakespeare's world-renowned intelligence, they'll find out the deeper meaning behind love, labor, and losing it!"

No Holds Bard is a literary lampoon that's half love letter, half satire, and all written in iambic pentameter.

This couldn't be more true for artist Gabrielle M. Kari who was re-watching a lot of the Animated Batman and Moonrise Kingdom during the creation of the series. She stated, "I wanted to portray a crime-fighting duo, but I wanted them to be charming and funny. I was on a sharp teeth phase so there is a lot of instances where a character has sharp teeth for no reason. If you're any fan of William Shakespeare and you love fun comedic duos that have a lot of gay undertones No Holds Bard is the story for you."

Fans can pre-order No Holds Bards collection via PreviewsWorld Pullbox and their local comic book shop, or pre-order copies through AmazonBarnes & Noble, Books-a-MillionBook ShopIndiebound, or Target for only $19.99.

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