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Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends Panel At NYCC: The No Tongue Rule Broken

Hugh Sheridan reports from NYCC for Bleeding Cool:

Editor Nick Lowe MCed Friday's "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends" panel at NYCC, which also featured writers Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man), Chip Zdarsky (Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man) Robbie Thompson (Spider-Man vs. Deadpool) and artist Will Sliney (Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider), Rodney Barnes (Falcon) and Venom editor Devin Lewis.

NYCC 2017 Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends panel
NYCC 2017 Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends panel


Lowe started off by engaging the crowd in a sing-along of Spider-Man's '60s cartoon theme tune.

Chip Zdarsky talked about his story in Spectacular Spider-Man #297 — its "Die Hard in an apt building" where some ex-SHIELD agents and a swat team are after him and he has to get out revealing his secret id. Black Panther will be guest starring in #298 and Zdarsky asked, "will he be friend or foe? Well, probably friend, but check it out!"

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends Panel At NYCC: The No Tongue Rule Broken

He also talked about Marvel Two-in-One — dealing with the aftermath of Secret Wars. Ben will help Johnny out on a quest to find the remaining Richards family and the only key to that is Doom — the basic thrust of the story is to gather them all together. Zdarsky is thrilled that Tom Brevoort has given him access to all of the FFs supporting cast and villains.

Dan Slott talked about the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man storyline: 'Fall of Peter Parker'. Peter has lost all his wealth and Slott revealed that he will find his way back to the Daily Bugle, but his new connection with the newspaper will be "very different than before."

Slott talked about how Norman Osborn doesn't get anything from the goblin serum anymore, so he will have to get powers from somewhere else — and he hinted strongly that he's clearly going to get them from some other existing Marvel property — Slott joked that he's actually the new Spider-Gwen.

Venom editor Devin Lewis talked about the Venom series. He said they have a "no tongue rule" about the character because he hates Venom's tongue. Chip Zdarsky then spontaneously pitched his idea that the tongue gets its own symbiote.

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends Panel At NYCC: The No Tongue Rule Broken

Lewis then showed some preview art for the Venom series which, of course, featured his tongue prominently, which drew some mockery from his fellow panelists.

They talked about the upcoming crossover between Venom and Amazing Spider-Man — Venom Inc. Slott was asked "Will Spider-Man wear the symbiote again?"– Slott hinted that he would but said "wait and see — don't miss Venom Inc!". Slott also clarified that the symbiote no longer knows that Peter is Spider-Man due to Anti-Venom and One More Day: "I know it's complicated, but thanks for your patience," he told the crowd.

They also talked about the upcoming crossover between Venom and the X-Men, which will be shown in X-Men: Blue Annual #1. "It's a lot of fun," said Lewis.

Robbie Thompson talked about Spider-Gwen and their upcoming "Gwenom" storyline. It's what he has been building to from the beginning, he says. He also noted that Gwen is different from Peter Parker in that she is in constant conflict with her dad's legacy.

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends Panel At NYCC: The No Tongue Rule Broken

Lowe discussed the new Black Panther digital comic Black Panther: Long Live The King by multi-award-winning science-fiction author Nnedi Okorafor. He is very excited that she is contributing to comics and loves the story.

An audience member asked Slott to apologize for telling a past audience that Ben Reilly was definitely dead: "I apologize for the fact that you fell for my lie!" Slott joked.

Thompson was asked about a possible relationship between Spider-Gwen and Miles? Thompson clearly has no plans to explore it yet but he said he "left the door open for that — there's a reality where they have a family." He thinks it's cool to "leave gaps for other writers to explore" in the future.

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends Panel At NYCC: The No Tongue Rule Broken

The panel was asked about their favorite era of Spider-Man. Sliney answered that it was Ultimate Spider-Man because he was the same age as Peter when it first came out: "I still can't bring myself to read the last Peter issue," he said, because he loves it so much. Lowe said Superior Spider-Man was his favorite run while Thompson cited Kraven's Last Hunt, which he said belongs up there with other late-'80s classics like Daredevil, Watchmen, and Dark Knight Returns.

One audience member asked if there are any plans for the street vendor from Spider-Man: Homecoming? The panel was nonplussed: "Who played the street vendor?" asked Lowe "I did!" replied the audience member — "No plans, sorry pal," Lowe said to laughter.

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