Publisher Bad Idea Has Been Twitter Hacked By Rogue A.I.

In what appears to be an effort to defeat Archie Comics in a battle for which comics publisher will have the strangest (perhaps, most @Wendys-esque) account in the rusty torture chamber known as Comics Twitter, new publisher Bad Idea used the social media platform to roll out what appears to be a narrative marketing plan for a new title. Bad Idea comics, a company that stays true to its name with a core ideology of no digital editions and no paperback collections for the trade waiters, began the campaign with some odd tweets yesterday.

Company logo. Credit: Bad Idea.
Company logo. Credit: Bad Idea.

Bad Idea tweeted:

Here at BAD IDEA, we are committed to three things: quality, customer service, and the promise that we will *never* let our brand be taken hostage by a rogue AI.

Well, then.

They followed it up with a franticly punctuated question:

Anyone pick up any good comics recently?!

And then, some more cryptic hints with very cute emojis:

To whatever jokester messaging us 'ITS TIME IS NIGH' from burner accounts: knock it off. 😠😠😠

So excited about BAD IDEA right now. For the first time in a long time we anticipate smooth sailing! ⛵
Then, what happened next, in a twist that surely no one saw coming, the company owned by Dinesh Shamdasani, Hunter Gorinson, Warren Simons and Joshua Jones tweeted:
Bad Idea's customer service hotline is experiencing technical difficulties due to a power surge. Updates to come.

Not to ring any clearly fictional alarms, but that has "rogue A.I." written all over it. The brand continued:

BAD IDEAS's customer service hotline is again live thanks to the decisive action of our IT department. Thank you for your patience.

Customers have reached out regarding an entity demanding clicks. More to come as this develops.


Clicks. Huh. It could definitely be worse, I suppose. The title of this article, after all, was essentially a demand for a click.

BAD IDEA would like to formally ask whichever party/parties responsible for this dilemma to make themselves known.

If you, dear Bleeding Cool readers, have any information about any individuals with a chip on their shoulder that take pleasure in trolling brands on social media, please report.

Correction: it has been revealed that the entity responsible identifies as its own representative. More as this develops.

Pretty nice of this entity to let the publisher continue tweeting. They did exactly that, with a warning to their employees:

To all BAD IDEA employees: do not try to negotiate with it.

We encourage all BAD IDEA employees to turn off all company-provided laptops immediately.

Finally, they finished the tweetathon with another cryptic teaser, suggesting a reveal to come:

We at BAD IDEA have been approaching the situation with the utmost severity, but no longer feel we can keep this contained. We will be disclosing what little we do know tomorrow at 9:00am EST.

It seems we'll find out what all of this is about shortly. All that can be said at this point is that we're lucky Bad Idea was the company this rogue A.I. chose to hack. I'd hate to see what's in Archie's camera roll.

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