Rat Queens Vol. 2 #6 Review: Amazing Leads Go On A Bizarre Journey

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The Rat Queens receive a quest from Betty to rescue her friend Jason. While they discuss, the waitress Madeline stands in awe of these adventurers.

Later, the five Rat Queens go on said journey to find and save Jason. From here, the adventure only gets more beautifully bizarre.

Rat Queens Vol. 2 #6 cover by Owen Gieni
Rat Queens Vol. 2 #6 cover by Owen Gieni

From the outset, I am quite charmed by the characters of the Rat Queens. Each has a distinct personality with their own insecurities and quirks. They genuinely seem like they would be fun people to be around.

I also dig (feminist pontificating alert) the fact that five women are being put in this often male-dominated fantasy narrative structure. Plus, these five characters are about as badass as any fantasy adventurer I've ever read about. Plus, like I said, they are granted distinct personalities, and many fantasy characters are deprived of that.

Their dialogue is quite fantastic, too, with the five clashing and playing off of each other, often at the same time.

The adventure itself goes off the rails in a manner I've not actually seen in a comic like this before. It goes all out in making this scenario as unexpected as it could be. For a frame of reference — have you played Cuphead?

The ending hints at a possible tragedy, adding some stakes to an expedition that otherwise seems without consequence.

To move onto the art style, Owen Gieni gives this world its own distinct texture, personality, and energy with his aesthetic. It does change dramatically midway through, but that is an intentional flare given to the oddity that is the climax to this comic. It works really well, and the color art is equally rock-solid. This is a great-looking book.

Rat Queens (Vol. 2) # 6 is a delightful and energetic read about five of the greatest original protagonists I've seen in a comic in some time. This comic earns its recommendation with ease, and I definitely recommend it. Read this comic.

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