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And Now Some Hilarious Thor Commentary About Race

And Now Some Hilarious Thor Commentary About RaceSo there was some fuss about Idris Elba being cast as Heimdall in Thor, over the colour of his skin. Now I didn't see the problem with this, per se, and seeing the film I thought Idris totally stole the show as a morally pure, considered, dutiful rock forced to challenge his own preconceptions.

But it seems some people's preconceptions weren't challenged at all. To be fair, the negative review of Thor on is relatively measured and muted.


Idris Elba as the "whitest of the gods," Heimdall, had no purpose other than to deliberately undermine both European lore and even the comic. Elba's defensive retort that "Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra" is hardly convincing. (If anything, Taylor's casting was mistaken because she was probably far swarthier than inbred product of a blonde haired Ptolemaic ruling caste).

Branagh's Asgard looks like some fruity multicultural Steampunk nightmare, with Thor accompanied by Asian warriors whose speech is barely comprehensible

The "color-blind casting" (i.e. deliberately put in non-Whites in White roles) that Branagh uses here and in his Shakespeare adaptations actually reinforces the institutional racism true leftists decry and movement conservatives defend

Apparently, Loki is a self-hating frost giant, no doubt with some screenwriter congratulating himself for making the comparison to the Hitler-was-actually-a-Jew-and-that's-why-he-wanted genocide motif.

But the comments that follow are far more bonkers. And we start off with one disagreeing vehemently with the reviewer, for very different racist reasons.

The movie works fine from a White racial perspective – I see the addition of a Black Heimdal as a minor concession to get the film produced and marketed in 2011 America. And this Black Heimdal has a really bad job – being a Black doorman/gate keeper who must work 24/7/365 far, far away from the fun of the White gods in Asgard.

Thor is perfectly cast – the little Nordic White boy actor of young Thor is also very good, so is the presentation of Loki – a sinister, alien looking being who was taken at birth from a foreign race and raised to be a son of Odin, even though he isn't. NS folks should notice a nice parallel to alien Semitic races who have lived amongst us, but are always, somehow not quite right.

The Thor – Jane Fonda chemistry is excellent, a really solid White god/mortal romance. Jane isn't some pushy feminist , she's certainly smart, but she lets her man do all the fighting and goes for the Elizabethan strong Nordic guy with the long golden locks.

There are no – ZERO promotions of race mixing, multi culturalism, anti racism, cultural marxism etc.

The action takes place in a White New Mexico and a White Asgard with some ventures in to some nasty, racially alien Frost Giants.

This movie was great and it is doing very well in the box office. American audiences like to see a White hero and White love interests.

Time for a racist fight! More! More!

You must clearly be blinded if you truly believe that this movie is in any way pro-white. A black Heimdall a minor concession? I don't care what type of job this character had, It is still a complete re-writing of history in order to perfectly fit into the forced multiculturalism of today, so this movie reaks of P.C. And by the way, Jack Kirby was Jewish, as is Natalie Portman.

And we're off!

I am well aware that Jack Kirby has a partial Jewish background – but his work does not reflect any of the anti White, Jewish Lib/min, marxist hatred of our people. The Comic book industry from the 20s through the 1970s was very Jewish, same with Hollywood – that's life. In the Kirby Stan Lee team – Kirby is the solid artist, Stan Lee the Jewish huckster making deals, stealing credit for Kirby's creations.

Forget your prejudices – go check out Jack Kirby's Thor from ~ 1966-1969, really outstanding and very, very White.

This movie is very faithful to the Kirby Thor comic books and is very, very White – so they let some Black guy be a doorman, is that a big deal?

Natalie Portman did a fine job and comes off as a very solid, bright White gal who supports a strong White man. I really appreciated the fact that there was no attempt to make Jane Foster in to an assertive feminist working against racism or something.

Folks, we're talking about a Hollywood summer blockbuster – it is highly doubtful that the SS is going to be completely in charge of casting.

Keep it going guys!

Without Stan Lee, Timely/Atlas wouldnt have made it out of the 1950s to even re-hire Kirby in 1958 (he, his brother Larry, and artist Carl Burgos about the only regular Jews in the company remaining by early 50s). His quirky writing and strong artists like Bill Everett kept the company alive. The Marvel Era wouldnt exist without Lee's signature style.

Quick, let's start discussing Conan!

I'm more disappointed with Conan, bastardizing that mythos and classic movie with some third-rate mongrel hapa actor is unbelievable. From Baywatch Hawaii to Conan, come on.

It's like they sit around in some room and think about how much they can ruin all the great movies and lore from the past. Yeah, let's put this ugly mongrel in the classic role, that'll really piss off White men. Fuck you, Hollywood.

But I'm not sure if any of this is strong enough, I don't really understand what's being said here, I need someone to make it slightly clearer.

Branagh is a metrosexual pussyboy, one of those faggoty-maggoty white boys who get their kicks by matching Negroes with white women in movies. He played Iago in OTHELLO where Laurence Fishburn got in on with some stupid French chick. And he cast Denzel Washington in MUCH NEGRO ABOUT NOTHING. Of course, Othello is supposed to be African, and for all I know, MUCH ADO has a Moor character too. But, Moors, as I recall, were North African Muslims with some Negro blood, not full-blooded jiveass sub-Saharan blacks. Casting blacks of Sub-Saharan decent to play Moors is like casting Polynesians as Chinese or Hindus as Europeans.

Me, I'm just disgusted they didn't cast any Asgardians in the roles. Talk about racebending!

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