Christos Gage Confirms Marvel Big Time Secret Event Thing

Christos Gage tweeted, regarding upcoming issues of his Avengers Academy.

Issue 13 is the Superhero Prom. And 14 has awesome high-profile villains & ties in with Big Time Secret Event Rich Johnston Is Wrong About.

So there is a Big Time Secret Event coming for the Marvel Universe then? All Bleeding Cool was doing was presenting supposition on what it may be

The teaser ads are already in the books…

Thanks Christos! These must be the ads then. Big New Major Marvel Event coming in April.

A few Fractiony quotes there. So if not a Mars Invasion then what? Something to be… afraid of? The personification of someone's fear? Something Daredevilly or Man Thingy? Or something else that might explain big stalky walky machines?

Is Doctor Octopus getting a franchise becoming a major threat, his arms becoming the Martian-like machines we've seen in recent Dan Slott Amazing Spider-Man: Big Time?

Or is Iron Man doing a Hank Pym-and-Ultron thing, creating his own nemesis through his fevered fearful dream forgotten-inventions, as seen in Fraction's Invincible Iron Man?

Or, as usual, none of the above?

UPDATE: "Fear Without Man" as seen on the future timeline, good call, JephD in the comments…

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