Deus Ex: Breach DLC – A Criminal Past Didnt Light Us On Fire At NYCC


Madeline Ricchiuto writes for Bleeding Cool…

At the Square Enix press expo for New York Comic Con, I got to demo
some of the new content incoming titled A Criminal Past for Deus Ex: Breach. The game is excited to push more content into Breach and expand the story, give us ripper skins, and ultimately a whole lot of stuff we never asked for. There will be two more updates to Breach by the end of the year and the next major DLC for Mankind Divided will merge the two storylines.

The graphics for Breach remain minimalist, with some of that signature gold, and the enemy types are inhuman constructs with some beautiful detailing. Yet, Breach is just a series of pretty puzzles loosely connected by bits of story and a clunky hacking mechanic.

That said, I don't think anyone ever asked Eidos to give us a
stripped-down version of Deus Ex that comprises solely of augments and hacking modules in a game of one player capture the flag. While its not boring to play, Breach hfas always seemed like an excessive add on and the new "Darknet iles" don't seem to add much to the gameplay or the story that couldn't have easily been added to the main game. While relying only on augments for offensive capabilities is somewhat novel, you can easily make that choice for yourself while playing as Jensen.

While Breach is sure to have its fans, I can't say I get it.

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