Friday Trending Topics: Action Reaction

Friday Trending Topics: Action ReactionI happened to catch a few tweets by colorist Paul Mounts earlier about reaction from pros and fans over Action Comics #900, to which he contributed, and this all started to remind me just a little bit of the reaction to the death of Superman in 1992. Some pros hated the very concept and said so publicly. Fans argued it out at length. Civilians watched with fascination. It was a common refrain at the time that the attention wouldn't translate into readership, but anecdotally I observed the opposite. Many people I know picked up the story and followed it for at least a few months. Will DC be able to turn this new attention into new readers? That remains to be seen, but here's where we're at today:

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

The World Reacts To A Superman Without America

Several posters branded conservative critics of the storyline "Earthers" – a reference to the Birthers – the nickname for the rightwingers who have questioned Obama's citizenship.

Scam Artist Josh Hoopes Is Back, Posing As Wizard World's David Johnson

Posing as the name David Johnson and pretending to work for Wizard World, he has been offering to publish the work of unknown writers using the Wizard World brand. He posted on and, purporting to be in Fresno, California;

A Justice League Of The Future Comic Is Coming

This is news of yet another ongoing Justice League series, Justice League Of The Future, from the team who brought you Batman Beyond. A future DCU-set comic featuring the Justice League from, well, the future.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Exciting Updates For Terminator 5, But Will Schwarzenegger Make Cry Macho First?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is now formally attached to the next Terminator film, and so is director Justin Lin. Everything is lining up nicely for the project, partly due to Lin's Fast and Furious 5 raking in a whole lot of dollars at the global box office. I really can't imagine the producers of Terminator 5 will have much trouble getting the financing together quickly.

Latest Transformers Trailer Is Also The Greatest

The new trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon downplays Shia LaBeouf somewhat, keeping him more or less sidelined for over a minute and then giving plenty of hero shots to the supporting cast. It also features a bit where Yellow Carbot (I think he's called Bumblebee, right?) transmorphs from car to robot, does a bit of parkour and plucks a CG version of LaBeouf out of the sky.

Do You Remember Your First Thor? Kenneth Branagh Does

"As a kid, growing up in Belfast, I remember standing in the our local sweet shop and seeing this very colourful, very dynamic comic book on the shelves," recalls the 50-year-old star.

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Friday Trending Topics: Action Reaction

Friday Trending Topics: Action Reaction

Friday Trending Topics: Action Reaction

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