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Phantasy Star Online 2 Global Is Collaborating With NieR:Automata
The company has partnered with PlatinumGames to bring about this rare combination of titles as they are entering their Halloween event However, those of you thinking it's going to be a cheap addition have got another thing coming Starting tomorrow, you can jump into the game and purchase themed goodies and cosmetic items to dress[...]
PlatinumGames Is Opening A New Studio In Tokyo This April
PlatinumGames announced this week that they are opening up a brand new game development studio in Tokyo, Japan with a very specific focus in games The studio will focus on "live ops development", which is basically their way of saying the studio will focus primarily on updating games after released with new content So DLC,[...]
PlatinumGames is Teasing A Major Announcement For Next Week
Credit: PlatinumGames PlatinumGames is teasing a major announcement for next week, which will coincide with the February 27 issue of Famitsu. Of course, that's about all the company has revealed as of late But there are plenty of things Platinum could be letting slip in the near future For one, some news on the upcoming Bayonetta 3[...]
PlatinumGames Apparently Has Multiple Announcements For 2020
Primarily because the eyes of the world will be on Japan in 2020 for the Olympics, so they're doing everything they can to be a part of that conversation. Credit: PlatinumGames "In the games industry where each year is a challenge, I'm immensely grateful to head into yet another year with PlatinumGames Starting early on in the[...]
PlatinumGames' Switch Exclusive "Astral Chain" to Release This August
PlatinumGames and Nintendo's JRPG Astral Chain got a release trailer during the Nintendo Direct E3 presentation this morning The game will launch on August 30, 2019. In Astral Chains, players take on the role of a police special forces officer who works together with a humanoid special weapon called Legion So think JRPG Robocop except you play as Anne[...]
Scalebound Dev Doesn't Want Fans Blaming Microsoft
Microsoft and PlatinumGames announced a partnership in 2014 to release an ambitious action game called Scalebound which would be released on Xbox One and Windows PC The game was in development at PlatinumGames until its cancellation was announced by Microsoft in 2017. As Microsoft announced the cancellation, fans were quick to lay the blame on the massive[...]
Astral Chain - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch
The newest action game from PlatinumGames, the folks behind the Bayonetta series, is Astral Chain Players take on the role of a police special forces officer who works together with a humanoid special weapon called Legion So think JRPG Robocop except you play as Anne Lewis. Players will use whip-like weapons to take down various sci-fi monsters alongside their cybernetic[...]
Square Enix is Hosting a 2nd Anniversary Stream for NieR: Automata
Confirmed guests so far are Game Director Yoko Taro, Square Enix producer Yosuke Saito, Composer Keiichi Okabe, PlatinumGames designer Takahisa Taura, and Final Fantasy XIV's Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida. Which probably means Taro, Saito, and Yoshida will finally give us more information on the NieR raid series coming to Final Fantasy XIV during the Shadowbringers expansion cycle[...]
NieR: Automata is Coming to Xbox with Visual Enhancements
It also has some new cover art. NieR:Automata: Become as Gods Edition is available for pre-order now for the Xbox One family of devices. You can check it out below. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: NieR:Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition E3 2018 Trailer ( Developed in collaboration with PlatinumGames Inc., NieR:Automata delivers the perfect mix of action and RPG[...]
NieR: Automata image
Taro directed NieR: Automata, as well as NieR Gestalt and NieR Replicant. NieR: Automata was a major success for publisher Square Enix, but more so for developer PlatinumGames who had a string of poor releases and the cancellation of Scalebound in early 2017 So they desperately needed NieR to do well And it did In fact,[...]
Devil May Cry Director Hideki Kamiya Wants to Remake DMC1
He's over at PlatinumGames, a studio he co-founded with fellow Capcom alumni Atsushi Inaba and Resident Evil series creator Shinji Mikami PlatinumGames are the folks responsible for Bayonetta. Sure, Capcom could hire out the remake to PlatinumGames, but they tend to keep development in-house Which means its unlikely they'd bring the whole gang back together for a remake the way[...]
Yoko Taro Plans to Keep Working with NieR: Automata Developer PlatinumGames
Credit// PlatinumGames Nier: Automata's eccentric game director Yoko Taro discussed his plans to keep working with developer PlatinumGames in a recent and wide-ranging interview with Game Informer. Taro started off by discussing how he wound up making NieR: Automata after his prior studio Cavia folded in the wake of Drakengrad 3[...]