The Girl In The Spider's Web Will Be A Direct Sequel To The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was a fair while ago now, and all of the creative players have seemingly moved on. David Fincher is out, and the status of Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara on coming back isn't exactly clear, so when The Girl In The Spider's Web was recently announced it wasn't clear where it would stand. Add on top of that, it skips two books in the series, and many were wondering if this was a reboot of sorts.

Well, it looks like we have the answers now. Speaking to Collider, writer Steven Knight explained while it will be a little different, we can expect it to act like a sequel. He said:

It can't be anything other than a sequel, but a couple of books have been skipped, so it is different, in that sense. It's really taking a very strong central character and thinking, how do you execute this? It's quite different.

The writer wouldn't talk about casting, but if it is a sequel, it stands to reason the team behind the film would be working really hard to get their actors back.

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