History Channel's Vikings Tries To Take a Bite Out of San Diego Comic Con With Real Snakes in Their Booth

I received an email invite to check out History's Vikings booth at San Diego Comic Con, called Vikings Viper Den. The email said I could "experience a real life snake pit." It also said, "There were many ways to die during the Vikings era, however the most brutal and sinister form of death was being thrown into a snake pit. HISTORY assimilates the torture and terror with the "Vikings" Vipers Den on the SDCC floor." Well I am not a huge fan of snakes, but I figured what the heck, you only live once and I figured if I got killed by a snake at SDCC, it would be a heck of a story for my kids to tell.

After going through the Viper Pit I was able to talk to David Allsberry, from Animals for Hollywood, who were hired by History to provide the snakes. Allsberry told me there were 40 snakes in the Viper Pit, and 25 or so different species. He said as he understood that this was the first time there live animals allowed into SDCC and the SDCC people were very concerned and asked for all the details just to ensure that everything would be safe. As such, even though it was called a Viper Pit, Allsberry informed that not only were there no Vipers, there weren't any poisonous snakes at all. Instead Allsberry, knowing that the booth was going to be a low level light situation made sure to provide snakes of different colors, textures, and sizes to still standout.

While the video may not give a complete picture of the Viper Pit, it was a pretty cool experience and maybe gives fans of what to expect from Vikings when it returns to History in the Fall for the airing of the 10 remaining episodes for Season 4.

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