The Joker Dressed As Batman Is Not From The Suicide Squad Movie – Official

While taking part of the Press Preview of the floor here at San Diego Comic Con, one of the many highlights was visiting the Sideshow Collectibles booth. Sideshow has a large display of items from Hot Toys and we were lucky enough to be given a tour by a representative from Hot Toys, Raymond . Among the many items Raymond showed us there were a large number of upcoming releases from the Suicide Squad movie, including this one of Joker dressed as Batman.

Joker Dressed as Batman

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All the Suicide Squad figures surrounding these were straight-up from the film, leading me to believe that there must be a scene in which the Joker dresses up like Batman in the film. I feel this is further solidified by the fact that there are two versions of the idea, ugly and adorable.

ScreenRant says

Because as odd as it may seem, the design was made for a reason… the most obvious being that it was made based off of a design related to, or appearing in the movie (and considering how trippy and offbeat the movie seems to be already, that's not all that surprising).

ComicBook says

It seems like this could be a big reveal forSuicide Squad, indicating that the Joker will, at some point, dress up as his own deranged version of the caped crusader.

io9 says

…namely that the Joker seems like he'll be donning his own Batman outfit for some portion of the movie. (If you enlarge the pic, you can see the skin is white, but more importantly he has the Joker's capped teeth, so it's definitely not Batman under the influence of Joker gas or somesuch.)

And CBR just asked,


All these assumptions, beliefs, questions and conclusions about the Joker Dressed as Batman… Well, I asked Raymond just that question last night, and he told me that this was a Hot Toys creation and that it did not spoil anything in the movie.

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