'All This Over A Kitten' – Preview This Week's Ninjasaur: Stealthatude From Thrillbent

This weekend, we ran a piece on the Kickstarter for the print edition of Ninjasaur, and got quite the fan reaction on social media–this is a series with plenty of appeal. Meanwhile, however, the comic appears digitally on Thrillbent and creator Jason Horn has kindly provided us with a whopping 10 page preview of the series which will be appearing weekly on Fridays on Thrillbent throughout the month of March here. The series, called Ninjasaur: Stealthatude is described thus:

A dinosaur ninja stumbles upon a mob plot while trying to save a little girl's kitten.

Well, there you have it, a seemingly simple plot! Kind of.

Here's our 10 page preview:

NinjasaurPreviewPage1 NinjasaurPreviewPage2 NinjasaurPreviewPage3 NinjasaurPreviewPage4 NinjasaurPreviewPage5 NinjasaurPreviewPage6 NinjasaurPreviewPage7 NinjasaurPreviewPage8 NinjasaurPreviewPage9 NinjasaurPreviewPage10Jason Horn is also currently running a Kickstarter to fund a print collection of the Ninjasaur web comic. Find out more about that here.

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