Lying In The Gutters – 10th May 2010

Lying In The Gutters – 10th May 2010

Top Ten Cool Bleedings

Welcome to Lying In The Gutters, a quick runaround the week. These are the ten ten most read posts on Bleeding Cool this week. And what you like, it seems, is porn, arguments and Mark Millar.

1. Trailer For Batman XXX A Porn Parody

Warners? Why not make official porn of your characters? Someone's going to make the money, might as well be you

2. CLiNT Magazine – Mark Millar's New Monthly Anthology

We scooped the news of Mark Millar's new project, and even some of the haters had to doff their cap a little at Mark's attempts to get more comics in the news stand.

3. Is A Colourist Worthy Of Royalty?

The Twitter conversation that could, drafting in the great and the good to argue over whether colourists deserve royalties on their work. And as certain publishers delve into their back catalogues for archival and reprint rights, well, it's a damn fine point, isn't it?

4. What Made Matthew Vaughn Change His Mind On X-Men: First Class Anyway?

Mark Millar shares a conversation with his Kick-Ass director over the mutant future of his main mucka.

5. HTMLComics Shut Down By FBI – And It's My Fault, Apparently

All I did was write about it. And that was enough for aggrieved fans and indeed one or two executives to point the finger in my general direction and call me a douche when this illegal site was closed down by the law, and the the industry in a combined move. Ah well. I'm much happier to see Harlan Ellison take the credit.

6. Swipe File: Erro And Brian Bolland, John Byrne, Etc…

When fine art defines itself by stealing other people's work and going "looky what I did!"

7. Gwyneth Paltrow's Diet Guide To Being Pepper Potts

Do you want to be possibly thin and part of a not-quite defined love interest for a playboy millionaire who covers himself in bimbos? Well then you'd better learn how to remove those pounds by drinking… well, seaweed I think. I'm not sure. Still, it is an inspiring thought…

8. After HTMLComics… Spider Media RU?

The HTMLComics takedown press release touted what a major victory this was in the fight against pirated comics. I pointed out that it was nothing compared to the direct download and torrenting of this week's comics, every week, around the world, and how on earth could you take down Russia? The website had a mild panic and suddenly passworded itself – before realising that no one was even going to bother with them.

9. Thinking About Mark Millar's CLiNT Magazine

A few thoughts about logos, content and philosophy.Also, see Lets Be Friends Again.

10. Brian Bendis Breaks Street Date On Siege #4!

It may have only been over two or three copies. But this jaunt around Portland comic shops with next Wednesday's comics caused a mad furore. Or rather three people turning up at their local comic shop to get a photo. Bendis cycled, they drove!

Bubbling Under

Casting for X-Men: First Class – some educated guesses. Creators and characters spoke about the now passsed General Election and here's my take on that. And an Atlanta comic shop got done for selling marijuana,

I watched Doctor Who, a Glee/Phantom slushy mix up, and speculator possibilities then realities for M.Rex.

I Numbercrunched Dodgem Logic 3 and Wilson, thought about renting the Spaced house, looked at people trying to save a TV show I'd never heard of, and remembered Peter O'Donnell, creator of Modesty Blaise.

Top Five Other Posts You Should Have Read

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The Eight Columnists Of Bleeding Cool

Have we been breeding? There seem so many of them now…

Adi Tantimedh on casting the lead on Doctor Who.

Joel Meadows on the death of the cinema poster.

Martin Conaghan on the importance of professionalism.

Greg Baldino on Reading With Pictures

Si Spurrier on Science And Hate

A Comic Store on this week's comics

Shea Hennum goes and sees Iron Man 2

Eric M Esquival on his biggest regret

See you next week! Don't go changing!

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