New Ant-Man Casting Call Gives Some Clues – But Which Ant-Man Are We Looking At Here?


So plenty of people thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd seemed like miscasts for Henry Pym, the scientist who first becomes Marvel superhero Ant-Man, but new casting breakdowns for the long-gestating Edgar Wright film seem to suggest maybe Pym isn't the version of the eventual Avenger we're going to get at all.

This one in particular:

Young girl, aged 6 to 9 – intelligent and appealing

seems like it could be a good fit for Cassie Lang, daughter of Scott Lang, the second man to don the Ant-Man costume and moniker and fight crime alongside other Marvel superheros.

But do Rudd and Gordon-Levitt seem like good fits for Lang? Really, aren't they more suited Eric O'Grady, the low level S.H.I.E.L.D. operative with few morals and self-serving conniving tendencies who steals the suit for his own selfish gain? Hard to say, but here are the rest of the characters seeking actors:

Asian male, 30s – huge, tough and intimidating, comic ability

Caucasian male, 30s – over 6', dangerous and rough, comedic

Italian-American male, 50s – scary and unusual features, deadpan humour

Russian male – 30s or 40s, wiry and smart, deadpan humour

Male, 20s or 30s – Under 5'8", smart and funny

Not much to go on there, at least for this writer who's not super familiar with the source material. However, perhaps over-thinking it is in play here. After all, Schmoes Know – whose scoops have been proven correct one after the other in recent weeks – reported Rudd is indeed close to signing on for Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man, and that Rashida Jones is the favorite for his better half, Janet Van Dyne, aka The Wasp.

Either way, we know nothing, so a lot of possibilities are open here. Speculate away.

* Alex Lynch on Twitter alerted me to the fact that these casting details had already appeared at a blog called Bludhaven Banter. Not our source, as it happens, but credit to them for digging up the info nice and early.

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