New He-Man Movie Director Shortlist: Harald Zwart, Chris McKay, Mike Cahill

prince adam cheeseball bullshit No John M. Chu, but how about Harald Zwart, Chris McKay or Mike Cahill instead? The Wrap reports these are three of guys Universal are looking to hand over directing duties on their He-Man and the Masters of the Universe franchise reboot to.

Well, it must be said, this shortlist is a rather disappointing downgrade compared to the previous list with the likes of Joe Cornish, Rian Johnson and Phil Lord and Chris Miller in the mix.

The trade believes McKay, with the least directing experience, has the most "momentum," because he edited The Lego Movie, and well, if you can't get Lord and Miller… Zwart is also a strong contender despite most recently helming The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. He also did the remake of The Karate Kid, which turned out to be a huge hit for the studio. Cahill is the most out of left field choice, the Sundance darling having helmed only Another Earth and I, Origins with Brit Marling. From those to He-Man would be quite a stretch. I did really like Another Earth though, and he wouldn't be the first indie director to cross over to big studio fare.

A bit underwhelming, truth be told. But I have no childhood emotional ties to He-Man, so I'll let the real fans take over discussion/speculation on this one.

Terry Rossio wrote the most recent version of the Masters of the Universe script.

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