Sunday Runaround – Crumbwoman, Laser Lot And A Body Painted Punisher

FilmWatch: Could this be a case for films to return to San Diego Comic Con in 2013?

"While all but four of the 21 films generated a profit, the amount of money made by extremely successful comic book movies vastly outweighs the small losses by a margin of 8:1," she said.

Berry also believes that the comic book fan base – one that does not claim an especially large number of people but boasts a super power of its own – helps drive the popularity and hence, the profitability.

"Comic books have generated-and continue to generate-a unique fan base. This fan base is intensely loyal and seriously engaged in the very particularizing serial culture of comic books," she said.

In fact, comic book fans are so invested in comic books that they consider themselves participants in comic book creation. This is a feature of many comic book fans' self-construction as readers and collectors, and, to some degree, it is also true, says Berry.

LetterWatch: Does this concerned letter writer sound familiar?

We have a comic book reader. I don't mean once in a while but having to buy them with his allowance and any other money he can find. He likes the superhero comics. We are worried he won't be able to read good books if this keeps up for too long. We do try to keep track of what he is reading. We don't allow him to get bad ones. Do you know if this causes problems with school work or learning?

Sunday Runaround – Crumbwoman, Laser Lot And A Body Painted PunisherThis is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

He-Man returns: DC remasters a universe from the 1980s | Hero Complex – movies, comics, fanboy fare –

Sir Laser Lot is the creation of none other than Geoff Johns, the star DC writer and the chief creative officer at DC Entertainment, and he put a lot of time in on the project: He was a kid (and a He-Man fan) in Michigan when he first created the noble galactic knight — and he dug out his old childhood drawings so he could show Mattel what he had in mind. Mattel's designers took Johns' new words and old art and created an action figure that will debut in July at Comic-Con International.

Sunday Runaround – Crumbwoman, Laser Lot And A Body Painted Punisher

The Forbes Theory On John Blake In The Dark Knight Rises

Okay, let's take a closer look at that chalk symbol…

Guillem March – Ilustrador

Catwoman #0 reimagined by Guillem March as a Robert Crumb drawing.

Sunday Runaround – Crumbwoman, Laser Lot And A Body Painted Punisher

BODY PAINT PUNISHER and I at #RosCon. Dude was… | Agent M Loves Tacos

BODY PAINT PUNISHER and I at #RosCon. Dude was rad.

Sunday Runaround – Crumbwoman, Laser Lot And A Body Painted Punisher
Heroes Con Mini-Report: New Teen Titans Panel, George Pérez & Nick Cardy « Speed Force

Wolfman recollected how DC Comics Publisher Jennette Kahn was not interested in a new Teen Titans series prior to his pitch.  The previous series, which ran from 1976 – 1978, was not successful and was, as Wolfman described it, a "weird" comic despite the talent that presented it.

ICv2 – Digital Comics Triple in 2011

ICv2 has released its estimate for the digital comics market in 2011: $25 million.  That's over triple the sales in the channel in 2010, when ICv2 estimated the digital comics market at $8 million.  That's a total for the English language market, as sales are not restricted by territory and a significant percentage of those sales are from consumers outside North America.

When a Kickstarter fails | The Beat

Lea Hernandez's Kickstarter for The Garlicks is ending today and it doesn't look like it's going to make it—it's currently only $15000 in to a $40K goal.

Stan is Spider-Man – Stan's Rants – YouTube

Stan looking pretty spry for 89.


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