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The Daily LITG, 30th August 2019, Happy Birthday Robert Crumb

Welcome to the pretty-much-mostly-daily Lying In The Gutters. A run around the day before and the day ahead. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The 13 most-read stories yesterday Sorry Doomsday Clock, Justice League #30 Got There First – and Damian Wayne Joins (Spoilers) "Better Call Saul" Season 5: Bob […]

Robert Crumb 1969 Fritz The Cat Cover Art Sells For Record $717,000 At Auction

    Robert Crumb's Fritz the Cat original cover art for the 1969 Ballantine collection of Fritz stories has just hammered at Heritage Auctions tonight for a record $717,000. Tonight's result is the highest price ever publicly paid for a piece of original art from an American comic book, eclipsing blockbuster sales of recent years such […]

Kickstarter From The Heart: Blood Red Moon And Hunt Emerson's Hot Jazz

By Olly MacNamee I have two interesting Kickstarters to tell you about today, both brought to you by the talents of local Birmingham based creators, with a little help from their friends. First, Blood Red Moon No.1 (Geeky Comics) which tells the tale of a werewolf captured by Vikings who is forcefully used as a […]

Limited Edition Of The Complete Zap Comix Will Include 17th Unpublished Issue

From Fantagraphic Books comes The Complete Zap Comix collection, which compiles every cover and every story in Robert Crumb's underground comics world. The multi-volume, slipcased hardcover set will also include the 17th unpublished issue with work by Crumb, Moscoco, Wilson, Rodriguez, Shelton, Mavrides, and Williams. Plus, an introduction by Crumb and an oral history of […]

The Guardian Vs. Comic Books

The Guardian newspaper has been a long supporter of the comic book medium and te variety of genres within. They have serialised Posy Simmonds' graphic novels, run special issues to accompany the British Library exhibitions and generally put comic books on the front page of more of their weekend magazines and culture guides than any […]

Cyberpunk's Influence On Brian Wood's Channel Zero And The Couriers

By Bart Bishop Graphic novelist Brian Wood's Channel Zero (2000) and The Couriers (2003) fuse baroque sequential art with misanthropic prose. Wood's surface influences of "punk rock" and cyberpunk are demonstrated in his aesthetic choices, utilizing the zine methodologies of early "underground" comic books and punk magazines and taking clear visual inspiration from the works […]

The Aussie Comics Round Up – Headspace, Da 'n Dill, Winter City

By David Holloway Since my last report from down here in late 2012, it's fair to say that the Australian Comics biz is on the improve. Reflecting the worldwide resurgence in comic sales, there's a small but dedicated bunch making inroads, alongside a new cohort of artists and writers. Here's a small sample of creators […]

Robert Crumb Sketchbooks, Rearranged For America, From Taschen. Only $800.

Taschen America, purveyors all bookish things big and beautiful, are releasing a six-book boxed set of Robert Crumb's sketches from 1964 to 1982. Based on the original seven volume series from German publisher Zweitausendeins published from the eighties through to the nineties, and accompanying Taschen's own Sketchbook set from 1982 to 2011, this time it […]

Screw's Al Goldstein Passes? (NOT)

It is being reported that Al Goldstein, original publisher of pornographic magazine Screw, died yesterday, in hospital, aged 77. We haven't been able to independently confirm this news. But we do know he was sick in hospital. UPDATE: Larry "Ratso" Sloman, best known for his work with Howard Stern contacts BC to tell us that, […]

A Thousand Dollars Of Robert Crumb Sketches

Robert Crumb: Sketchbooks. 1982-2011 are six volumes, totalling 1344 pages of selected sketches from Robert Crumb's notebooks, representing his work over the last twenty years. Specifically chosen by Crumb, including over six hundred never-before-seen pieces of his work. They will be followed by six more volumes, representing the years 1964-1981. Limited to a thousand editions, […]

Sunday Runaround – Crumbwoman, Laser Lot And A Body Painted Punisher

FilmWatch: Could this be a case for films to return to San Diego Comic Con in 2013? "While all but four of the 21 films generated a profit, the amount of money made by extremely successful comic book movies vastly outweighs the small losses by a margin of 8:1," she said. Berry also believes that […]

When Robert Crumb Went To India Comic Con – Pictures

Mayank Khurana from went to the Second Annual Comic Con in Delhi at the weekend. As did Robert Crumb, Random House and a whole bunch of publishers, fans and cosplayers. Here's hoe it looked, with photos from day two and three…

Sunday Runaround – When Robert Crumb Went To India

CBLDFWatch: Ultimate Comics sells Star Wars toys, Marvel statues and variant covers for the CBLDF. NovelWatch: Trina Robbins has a new graphic novel on the way. And it sounds spectacular. "Lily Renée, Escape Artist," illustrated by Anne Timmons and Mo Oh, follows its subject from her upper-middle-class childhood in Vienna, to her Kindertransport journey to […]

Robert Crumb Pulls Out Of Australian Tour Over Pervert Jibes

It was the Sunday Telegraph that did it. With the headline "Smutty Show A Comic Outrage", it looked at Robert Crumb's upcoming Australian appearance, stating "a self-confessed sex pervert whose explicit comic drawings cannot be shown in Australia is to deliver a talk and hold a special exhibition at the Sydney Opera House." Last year, the […]

Bryan Talbot's Expanded Digital Naked Artist

Bryan Talbot is launching a digital version of his Naked Artist volume, a collection of anecdotes experienced and tall tales told to the comic book creator, often involving luminaries of the comic book scene. From Alan Moore to Frank Miller to Robert Crumb, they're all in here, with illustrations from the amazing Hunt Emerson. He […]