Thursday Windows, WhiteOut, Walruses, Get Well Heroes And The Best Downfall Mashup Yet

How do you sell Welsh churches to the "yoot"? Why, by describing the stained glass windows thus;

We have to remember, so many people couldn't read – I suppose it's a kind of graphic novel with New Testament one on the other side perhaps the Old Testament.

Amid all the tepid reviews of the Whiteout movie, this sentence from See Magazine stuck out…

The film was based on a graphic novel, and much of the dialogue has the flat, impersonal feel of words that originally appeared in a speech bubble.

Really? Why is that different to flat impersonal words that fill a screenplay? It's not as if this was in any way a word-for-word adaptation, they're lucky they kept the film in the Antarctic, and there have been some rather large changes.

medi1mk5 mk4 mk1

The Sun reports that Desmond Tutu is backing comics that promote healthy lifestyles in children, under the name Medikidz – and yes they've invented a bunch of superheroes to do it, Pump, Skinderella, Chi, Gastronomic, Axon and Abacus. So what's that… Steroid abuse, anorexia, obesity, nerves and innumeracy?

I don't know, one day it's Agent Provocateur, the next it's a children's health charity. Will people please make up their mind?

Neil Gaiman has made his film

Anyway, enough of me writing, lets watch a couple of videos. Maybe the reviewer above will learn not to use the phrase "speech bubble"  as Hitler finally gets banned from the John Byrne Forum…

Two minutes in… Seal cosplay.

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