"We Don't Want Nobody Nobody Sent": JJ Abrams, Henry Abrams, And Spider-Man

I don't believe the Spider-Man comic deserves this outcry.

Yes, Henry Abrams's father, J.J. Abrams, got Henry in the door. It's the worst parts of nepotism and a stunt hire combined. Henry's got no previous serialized fiction credits we'd care to be aware of, and it's unclear how much of J.J. Abrams' ideas will be present.

But complaining about nepotism and stunt hires isn't useful. They're a part of the comics landscape, if not the creative landscape, like them or not. (How's CM Punk doing?) Rich almost certainly enjoyed of pointing out that Stan Lee, once, was someone's kid. The key word in there is once. It's unlikely even the most embittered comics curmudgeon would refer to Stan Lee as someone's kid today. And Stan Lee achieved that through his work. That same opportunity is now open to Henry, who now has the unenviable experience of being disliked because of who his dad is.

Thing about nepotism is it gets the person in the door. Once they're in, it's up to them what they get remembered for. If Henry wants to walk around saying "do you know who my dad is" and take editorial notes ungraciously, well, he'll be remembered as a nepotism hire. Work earnestly with the team (which includes Sara Pichelli and Dave Stewart, so we know this comic, whatever it contains, will at least look great), and that perception changes.

Beyond that, look, Marvel currently floods the market with as much product as they think it can sustain, so if it's bad, Spider-Man'll get forgotten soon enough. Also, Spider-Man's a durable character. He's survived many, many writers, he'll survive the Abrams men. Fabian Nicieza correctly notes that it's one comic. It's a mini-series, but that makes me think of a fun hypothetical: Would we feel the same way if they wrote it as an ongoing for 50 issues? If both men stuck around that long, I imagine some opinions might change.

A brief note about the title, it's a famous saying about Chicago politics, which you can learn the basis of here.

JJ Abrams to Write New Spider-Man Comic with Son and Artist Sara Pichelli

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