Welcome To The San Diego Bleeding Cool Team (UPDATE)

richRich Johnston is Head Writer and founder of Bleeding Cool, the world's most influential comic book blog, according to Technorati. Living in London, this is his eighth San Diego Comic Con over twenty-one years doing this kind of thing and it's his favourite place to be. If you see him around, say hello!

Brendon Connelly takes care of Film and TV here at Bleeding Cool. He's known Rich for most of those twenty-one years we just mentioned – so, if my maths is right, that's three broken mirrors. Brendon's going to be spending most of Comic-Con in Hall H, but that's okay, he loves it in there. Last year, it even made him cry a few times.

Rachael Connelly is Brendon's wife. She's going to be spending most of her time in Ballroom 20. That's where the Joss Whedon is at, so it's where her heart is. She's a Browncoat, for sure, though she probably wouldn't think of the term herself. She was an early backer of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, and proud, so keep your backlash.

Patrick Dane is more or less Brendon's other wife. He's going to do what he's told, but as long as that involves Godzilla, he'll be okay. Look for him to be providing some video game specific content too, because he likes games like he likes big lizards.

IMG_0142(1)Ashley Piderman grew up as a devout Marvel fangirl from a small town in Canada. After a brief lull from geek-dom while completing my eduction, the passion for all things comic book related has since returned, and my horizons have expanded to include to occasional DC graphic novel or two. This will be my first Comic Con, hoping for this to be a regular event. Aside from being an amazon woman, I am easy to identify with the Phoenix emblem tattooed on my left elbow.

Hannah picHannah Means-Shannon contributes to Bleeding Cool by dunking her head in pop culture ooze and retrieving a few quotes, concocts books about Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman for Sequart.org, and stalks the wilds of comic cons fuelled by triple espressos. Do comment on her t-shirts, especially if you know what they mean.
joshuaJoshua Stone has been collecting comics since before most of you we're born. He is a husband and a father of two boys, who somehow still finds time to love these nerdy things, and still keep his job as a civilian. This is Josh's second year covering SDCC for Bleeding Cool. If you see Josh wandering around with a lost look on his face, it's probably just that even though this is his 11th SDCC, the place still amazes him. Unless he really is lost. Either way, you can follow him on Twitter @1Nerdyone.

972009_595751023768915_1823580260_nAlex Wilson is a reviewer, commentator, web show producer, and assistant editor on the comic book Xenoglyphs. He will be running around the madness of San Diego Comic Con getting interviews and news. He goes to Comic Con for you, the readers, not for him. (Like anyone actually believes that.) You can follow him on twitter @mralexwilson.

nikNikolai Fomich is a writer and college teacher in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area. He is currently working on several projects, including a comic book series called African Odyssey, about a time-traveling history professor from future Africa. Whether he ever gets through the research stage remains to be seen. He loves comics, literature, film, history, and travel, and takes moderate pleasure in linguistics, martial arts, and describing himself in the third-person. Feel free to say hello to him at San Diego Comic Con, where both he and his hat will be attending. Follow him on @brokenquiver

Chris D'Lando is an aspiring writer who currently wChris D'Lando Pictureorks in Marketing in New York City. This is his second trip to SDCC but his first time making the journey for Bleeding Cool. He hopes this time he doesn't get stuck in the sun for 3 hours without sunblock waiting to get into the Community panel. If you see him feel free to say hi – and if you just mistook him for someone else, that's okay too. Follow his rantings and musing on twitter at @DlandoCalrisian

chrisChris Thompson is a writer, podcaster and speaker who has attended and spoken at conventions across three continents. You can hear him each week on the Pop Culture Hound podcast (www.popculturehound.com) and follow him on Twitter at @popculturehound. Feel free to say hi in San Diego and buy him a beer … He should be easy to spot in his Shaky Kane-designed PCH t-shirt.

Jacob Dadon is an aspiring filmmaker with a terrible obsession with superheroes. This being his first time attending San Diego Comic Con, he's a little tender, so please treat him well. He's always happy to chat and help out, though, so be sure to say hi if you see him.

Aaron HaleAaron B. Hale. History teacher by day, Bleeding Cool contributor by night. He's looking forward to bringing you some of the latest and greatest news from this year's con. Most importantly, he hopes to find an answer to the age old question: who would win a thunderdome match? Jim Steranko or Neal Adams?

photo(2)Louis Falcetti is a reviewer of comics, conductor of interviews, student of English and lover of cats. His 2013 has consisted of losing his job, selling his 20+ year comic collection and the rupturing of his appendix (of which he will happily show you the scar if you like). He looks forward to an orderly Comic Con which will eliminate the need for a violent bloodbath. Look for him at the hottest, coolest (intellectual) panels!

patrick willems press photoPatrick Willems is responsible for the "Afterwards They Will Explode" video feature on Bleeding Cool.   He'll be traversing the halls of the convention center, shooting silly internet videos and likely suffering from severe dehydration. This is his first San Diego Comic-Con.

You can watch his videos here.

Follow him on @pwillems

viking1Peter S. Svensson is a regular contributor to Bleeding Cool, specializing in convention coverage. He apparently wears silly hats. He is also the manager of SpaceCat, a comic shop in San Jose, CA which also has the largest used videogame collection in the west coast. (probably.) Peter will be once again be competing in the Pro/Fan Trivia contest on Sunday afternoon, but on the Fan team and not as a last minute substitute for Mark Waid as he's done in the past. Twice. He isn't anywhere near as good as Waid though, so if you see him, ask a trivia question. He needs the practice.

IMG_0114Joseph Schmidt wants to crawl inside your soul and learn the secrets you keep from yourself. And he's packed enough chloroform to get the job done. He's convinced fine folks at the Phoenix New Times and Bleacher Report to let him ramble to their respective audiences, and now he's wormed his way into San Diego to write about comics.

2013-06-24_1372116023Frazer Brown is an award winning Film and Theatrical Producer/ Writer/ Director of over 36 productions in London's West End, Fringe and Broadway, and producer of myriad Film and television projects. His screenplay 'Silencio' is due to shoot later in the year and he is currently working on his first novel. He is a self-titled 'idiot savant' of pop culture and comics,  This is his FIRST Comic Con, so be gentle! You can follow him @comicconvirgin and you buy him a drink in any bar. He will be armed with his trusty Camera, so if you have something interesting to photograph or film let him know at comicconvirgin@gmail.com

imageMark Bourne, who writes occasionally for Bleeding Cool, has been a staple in the comic industry since his 1996 debut at Malibu Comics' great Ultraverse line. He is celebrating his 20th San Diego Comic Con (with a beer and many pats on the back) and is extra thrilled to be 6 foot 5 inches in height, so he can see over the enormous crowds. Once you really get to know him, you'll truly understand what he means by "being smarter than anyone here."

imageMax Heesch is a freelancer and enterprising screenwriter that is heading to SDCC for the very first time. He plans to be inundated by the sheer mass of nerds and related nerdery. If you see him, tell him what he should check out next! Follow him @heeschmoney.

imageMatt Harding is a San Francisco Bay Area native, and has been writing and drawing comics since he was a kid, his current project being the self-produced Popapocalypse. He scavenges the artist allies for new underground comics, and writes about them for Bleeding Cool News. Check out his blog at http://stillts.blogspot.com, and his artwork at http://stillts.carbonmade.com.

jesse prsNo Stranger to SDCC Jesse James has been attending since 1982.  Over 31 years of collecting comics and just beginning. Last year alone he was in the trenches and attended 40+ conventions and on track this year to break that record. A huge fan of the Avengers and a even Bigger fan of Hawkeye since day one.  Jack Kirby will always be his favorite Creator and spends most his time making sure nobody forgets the "KING".  He also hold the record for first Bleeding Cool contributor to be Cosplayed at SDCC.  He has a very simple motto "Open up a comic and read it at least once a day. Its a good thing!"

IMG_9509Jason Pendleton is an aspiring photographer currently studying at the Art Institute of Colorado.  His camera of choice is his IPhone 5, and  he plans to put it through its paces during San Diego Comic Con. Expect many selfie pictures from him.

Jim Kuhoric is the editor-in-chief of Bleeding Cool Magazine. He used to work for Diamond Comic Distributors. Late at night, he wonders what happened. Find him at the Avatar Booth at San Diego Comic Con.

headshot.7.13Eric Rezsnyak is a writer, editor, critic, pub-trivia champion, theme-party organizer, and drag-queen aficionado. A complete stranger recently referred to him as the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog of an alternative-journalism conference. An SDCC virgin, he is looking forward to exploring with his geek sherpas, getting more deeply involved with an industry he loves, and ogling cosplayers. Follow him on Twitter: @ericrezsnyak

Also at the show for Bleeding Cool are Daniel Oakley, Grace Randolph, Endymion Mageto, Raymond Brown, Joe Salas, Devin T. Quin and Bex Cook.

Mark Seifert is the co-founder of Avatar Press and is not at San Diego Comic Con. Instead he will be working back in Illinois, watching the show on social networks.

Dan Wickline probably won't be at the show either, he'll also be helping wrangle the Bleeding Cool operation offsite. He may pop his head in at the weekend, however.

Tom Huxley is not in San Diego Comic Con, he is in England and will be helping us catch up with stuff that's happening that's not in our timeline or may be missed out. Thanks Tom!

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