The Woods #10 Builds Anticipation For What's To Come

IMG_8708It's good to be back in New London in The Woods #10 from BOOM! Studios, created and written by James Tynion IV, with art by Michael Dialynas and colors by Josan Gonzalez. After my two part binge read of this series last month, I was happy to be able to pick up the new issue this week and enjoy it with all of the other fans. We start off with a bit of history that centers on New London 200 years ago. These scenes feature a familiar face that I won't spoil, and a terrifying event about the capability of the glowing stones.

IMG_8707Back in present day, Karen, Issac, Ben, Sanami, and Calder are trying to figure out what the next best step is to move forward with their plan. They're staying with Cassius, Corrine, who have mixed feelings about what the right thing is to do. Should they be caught helping, the Duke will take away their livelihood and home. Their son Sander, however, feels much differently. You will see a very heart-felt emotional scene between father and son, in which Sander reminds his father of a past memory that was important to him growing up. Despite the local families hesitance, the brave group of teens has a plan of their own.

IMG_8704I have to mention the scene I've pasted above because apparently I've become good at picking out small moments in the comics I read that really enhance my experience. This one in particular because, one it's a beautiful library, and two, the movie that they are addressing, Beauty and the Beast, is one of my favorite movies of all time. So, I applaud you for your comic relief James Tynion!

Anyway, things get pretty heated throughout the issue. Bonds between some characters are newly forming, while others are growing stronger. Tynion's plot is well paced, and is building up a lot of anticipation for what's to come in New London. I continue to be in awe Dialynas' art style. I love the way he designs the cast of characters, and the combination of that with Gonzalez' use of softer colors makes these panels very memorable. Prepare yourself for a heart-stopping cliffhanger at the end.My hope is that the next issue will show us what's going on at the school, but for now I will continue to savor this one. Issue #10 of The Woods will stay with you until you get your hands on the next installment. This series is truly addicting.

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