REVIEW: BANG! #2 — "Zags When You Think It's Gonna Zig, And You Will Want To Hang On For The Ride"

(Dark Horse Comics, creative team: Matt Kindt, Wilfredo Torres, Nayoung Kim, Nate Piekos)

On one hand, this issue leads you to believe that this almost Mack Bolan-esque character is the beneficiary of mysterious inhalers granting extrahuman powers (strength, intelligence, heightened senses) as he John McClane stumbles his barefooted way into heroism. First of all, that part is super entertaining, with gripping action scenes and thoughtful, contemplative moments in between to ratchet up the creative tension. All that's fine, but when this issue throws its huge plot twist, wow, that really changes this into a whole other thing and is the kind of instant hook that made Noble Causes so dominate the mindspace. Writer Matt Kindt does virtually everything right here, down to the intentional lack of details about his lead, a guarded man who has no idea how to process what's happening in his life. You surely can't say enough about the artwork of Torres, Kim and Piekos, which takes pulpy material and elevates it into speculative fiction nirvana. This issue zags when you think it's gonna zig, and you will want to hang on for the ride. RATING: BUY.

REVIEW: BANG! #2 -- "Zags When You Think It's Gonna Zig, And You Will Want To Hang On For The Ride"BANG! #2 (of 5)
Matt Kindt (W/Variant Cover), Wilfredo Torres (A/Cover), and Nayoung Kim (C)
A constant stream of terrorist attacks follows John Shaw, and the only thing that keeps him one step ahead is a collection of power-giving inhalers and a hatred of shoes.
When he's once again caught in the middle of a terrorist plot, Shaw finds that these random attacks may not be so random—and the fabric of reality may be at stake.

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