REVIEW: X-Men #8 — "Messy And Funny And Splashy And Stupid"

(Marvel Comics, creative team: Jonathan Hickman, Mahmud Asrar, Sunny Gho, CLayton Cowles)

This issue is messy and funny and splashy and stupid in the doofus-y way of modern cultural imperialism, recklessly risking lives for reasons not even worth discussing and creating chaos where it would have been easy to have peace. The newfound sense of security the X-Men have on their nearly impenetrable living island has made them sloppy and drunken and annoying in the way American travelers are sometimes described overseas. Given their long history of not being understood, that's sad in a way. Then there's the "story," which sets itself to stagger and then run without much else happening. A former transgalactic despot gets drunk and laughs. People in their twenties act like idiot teenagers. Then there's the killing, so much killing, for no good reason. This book is dumber than the federal response to COVID-19 and doesn't make the children of the atom seem so evolved after all. RATING: NO. JUST … NO.</b<

X-MEN #8
The New Mutants are back from space, and they've brought intergalactic trouble with them! The Brood! The Shi'ar! The Starjammers! The Imperial Guard!
REVIEW: X-Men #8 -- "Messy And Funny And Splashy And Stupid"

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