REWIND REVIEW: For Molly #1 & #2 — "War Between Humans And Dogs"

(Independent, For Molly creative team: Gabe Cheng, Benjamin Parker)

For Molly is a Kickstarter success that offers a melancholy magical realism tale of a cold war between humans and dogs, who also talk. That's fine, really, don't worry about that. Apparently, this war isn't public knowledge, as it's existence surprises the heck out of the protagonist Greg, a mournful, divorced man from New Jersey. Greg unwittingly gets drawn into the Garden State front lines of a biped vs. quadruped conflict while housesitting for his veterinarian sister Ava. The script from writer Gabe Cheng does a great job of showcasing this man as haunted and broken by the fizzling dissolution of his marriage. Unfortunately, the script doesn't do as much to distinguish him outside of his loss, save trading sniping nicknames with another sibling (he's called "Booger Breath" by one, "Dweeb" by another and has a sister saved in his phone as "Dingus").

For Molly #1 & #2

There are two arguable antagonists here — a human and a canine — each diametrically opposed to each other as well as the leads here, with hints of larger conspiracies and mysteries afoot. None of that, however, discusses the origins of verbalism from canines or the reasons these shaggy sentients came into conflict with mankind. Benjamin Parker's visual storytelling is good, with good action scenes that depict motion and menace in equal shares. If this were a cable or streaming drama with the right leading man, this would be a binge-watching bonanza, as charismatic actors can elevate the material. However, as sequential art, this doesn't quite connect at a similar level. If you still hanker for subtle television mysteries like Revolution or FlashForward, this might be your jam, giving off some of those long-tail storytelling hooks that promise quite a lot in hopes of one day delivering it. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.

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