Is Riverdale Already Having An Affect On The Archie Comics?

There is no doubt that Riverdale is doing well for the CW and the series has already been renewed for a second season. But the tone of the series is much different than the source material. Even compared to the recent reboot, Riverdale is much darker and more twisted that the comics. But the latest announcement makes is seem like the comics may be moving a bit closer to the series.

In a new Archie story arc from Mark Waid and Pete Woods called Over The Edge, the publisher claims that everything will change as Archie and his friends face mortal danger in the new event.

Following in the footsteps of the best-selling DEATH OF ARCHIE storyline and the critically acclaimed ARCHIE relaunch, OVER THE EDGE serves as a culmination of years of risk-taking stories and promises to change the lives of Riverdale's core characters dramatically. The 3-part OVER THE EDGE event begins in May's ARCHIE #20, as Archie Andrews' and Reggie Mantle's ongoing feud pits the two against each other in a thrill ride on the dangerous Dead Man's Curve. In June, a life-changing phone call will leave Riverdale's citizens in shock and readers on their toes in ARCHIE #21. The heart-wrenching storyline concludes in July's ARCHIE #22 as the end comes for one of Riverdale's most beloved residents – while setting the stage for years of new and undiscovered destinies for the entire cast.

Yup, that's drag racing on mountain roads and someone is going to die. It's hard to make the phone call thing sound ominous. Now this isn't the murder, back-stabbing, and teacher/student relationship level of dark that the CW has, but it seems to be a step in that direction.

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