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Humanoids Publish New Incal Graphic Novels By All-Star Teams
And they should be very familiar names. Psychoverse by Mark Russell and Yanick Paquette Dying Star by Dan Watters and Jon Davis-Hunt Kill Wolfhead by Brandon Thomas and Pete Woods. The three books can be seen on the Free Comic Book Day cover below. Humanoids Publish New Incal Graphic Novels By All-Star Teams "Four decades after its publication, the world[...]
Dan Slott, Christos Gage, and Pete Woods Debut Iron Man 2020 with Arno Stark
We now know for sure that when Iron Man 2020 launches next year, from the creative team of Dan Slott, Christos Gage, and Pete Woods, it will be Arno Stark as the lead character, as has been heavily foreshadowed. Thanks to years of compliance, Marvel slipped media partner Newsarama the solicit and cover before the show[...]
Justice League #43 cover by David Yardin
Technically breaking up both JL teams before the No Justice-teasing is something of a consolation prize to this story. Justice League #43 art by Pete Woods Pete Woods's art finishes the run out on a strong note The energy, vibrancy, and distinctive style that has typified his art in this book The characters look cartoonish but are detailed[...]
Justice League #42 cover by David Yardin
The cliffhanger centers on Slade Wilson; it seems that Priest has fallen in love with this character in his time writing Deathstroke. And just for a kicker, the comic also ends with the Justice League having the refugee debate that has been kicking up storms in European and American politics for the past few years. Justice League[...]
Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of 04/04/18
Writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing and artists Marcio Takara and Marcelo Maiolo take the reins in this new beginning. Justice League #42 cover by David Yardin Justice League #42 Christopher Priest and Pete Woods continue off the absolute insanity that was Justice League #41 with Wonder Woman shot, Cyborg taken apart by Red Lion, and Superman and the Flash left to hold what's left of the deteriorating situation around the[...]
Justice League #40 cover by David Yardin
The fact that the comic presents a lot of this very plainly and without implicitly taking a side is interesting unto itself, though I wish it were a little more unambiguous in the Estes Park West sequences. Justice League #40 art by Pete Woods and Chris Sotomayor Pete Woods' art is a little spottier in this issue[...]
archie preorder
For now, here they are in their original format: ARCHIE #29 The Blossom family secret has erupted, taking all of Riverdale by surprise—and that includes Cheryl and Jason! What's the truth about their long-lost father? Script: Mark Waid, Ian Flynn Art: Audrey Mok, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Jack Morelli Cover: Audrey Mok Variant Covers: Pete Woods[...]
Hero Killers
But there is just over a day left to get it. And to go with the last call we have Project Superpowers: Hero Killers #1 by Ryan Browne and Pete Woods cover by Woods: Welcome to Libertyville U.S.A.! Home of too damn many superheroes! Watch out, crime, here comes Captain Battle Jr.! And Sparky! And Tim! Yeah, you know…Tim! What? You've never heard[...]
Justice League #36 cover by Pete Woods
However, this violates the Justice League charter and is subject to Chinese sovereignty regarding how the situation should be resolved. Justice League #36 cover by Pete Woods Christopher Priest is flipping the Justice League table in rapid and spectacular fashion In a similar manner to how he approached Marvel Knights: Black Panther, Priest is very interested in[...]
Justice League #35 cover by Pete Woods
An alien insect is on Earth, and it has capabilities which could be disastrous for the planet. Justice League #35 cover by Pete Woods So yeah, can't say I was expecting Jessica Cruz on the toilet being a significant plot point, but here we are It was a really funny scene, though. Also, yes, this came out last[...]
Justice League #34 cover by Pete Woods
Cyborg is on deck just in case anyone needs backup. It's going to be a long day. Justice League #34 cover by Pete Woods Without spoiling anything, Christopher Priest's first arc on Justice League is tackling an interesting angle: the fallibility of Batman Even he has his limits, and the best Batman stories will explore those limits as much[...]
Hero Killers
We have a new creator commentary from Dynamite today, this time with artist Pete Woods talking about Project Superpowers: Hero Killers #4 that he is doing with writer Ryan Browne Both Woods and Browne provide covers for the issue That's a team-up there Woods's cover is up front and Browne's at the end. * * *[...]