Rob Liefeld Already Has Sequel Planned For Deadpool OGN – Bad Blood Volume 2: Badder Blood


Deadpool: Bad Blood, the new original graphic novel by Deadpool creator Sir Robert Liefeld, along with Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, and Romulo Farajardo, is in stores today, and the world is already clamoring for a sequel. Luckily, we've all hit the Liefeld lottery, because Liefeld has already announced a sequel, and possibly revealed its title. In an interview with physics-themed entertainment blog Collider, Liefeld laid out the details.

Liefeld then took an opportunity to hint at an upcoming sequel for the book, which he dubbed, "Deadpool: Bad Blood Volume 2: Badder Blood". "Our first book does end on a cliffhanger that's for sure, so I'm happy to confirm that there's going to be a sequel."

Liefeld also discussed the origins of the name of the book's bad guy, Thumper, how he feels about the global success of his character, how his art has evolved over the decades, and also Marvel's rules, or lack thereof, on continuity for Deadpool:

"When I asked Marvel what was off limits, they told me verbatim: 'Listen Rob, we had Deadpool kill the Marvel Universe, Moby Dick, and William Tell to name a few. We do not adhere to continuity when it comes to Deadpool."

If you have't gotten your copy of Deadpool: Bad Blood, there's still time to snag one from your local comic shop before they're all gone, dudes and dudettes! But check out the full interview first.

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