Satellite Sam Will Return From Fraction And Chaykin As A TV Western

satellitesam2One of the comic books I enjoyed the most the past year was Satellite Sam by Matt Fraction and Howard Chaykin, a procedural television show from the fifties embroiled in organised crime, murder and sexual depravity…

At Heroes Con, it was announced that after the final issue, out soon, the series will continue in 2016 or 2017. But rather than focusing on a science-fiction space opera for kids, it will instead focus on a Western TV show.

Issue #15 of Satellite Sam will be out in a few weeks and will conclude the New York arc. New trade omnibus of all 15 issues will debut at Rose City Comic Con. In a year or two, Fraction and Chaykin will return for a second volume which will take place in LA and will focus on the making of a television Western.

Though, as with the first story, the black-and-white morality of those shows may very well contrast with the lives of those who make the show.

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