Scout Comics Expands With New COO Lesa Miller and More Key Hires

2020 has been a year of expansion for Scout Comics. In this year racked by uncertainty for many, the indie publisher that launched in 2015 has seen major growth with the hiring of White Ash creator Charlie Stickney as co-publisher, the introduction of their comic book vending machines, the debut of multiple imprints for their upcoming launches, and a series of announcements for 2021 releases that shows Scout Comics branching out into many different genres with creators both new and seasoned. Also, they publish Metalshark Bro, which is better than a comic about an anthropomorphic shark that fights ninja nuns has any right to be. Now, Scout Comics has announced more key hires, including Lesa Miller as Chief Operating Officer, Trent Miller as General Counsel of Scout Comics, Megan Marsden as Marketing Liason, Joel Rodriguez as Head of Design, and Andrea Lorenzo Molinari as Editorial Director.

Company growth promotional image. Credit: Scout Comics
Company growth promotional image. Credit: Scout Comics

Scout Comics just launched PR, introducing their new team members. Here, we'll hit the bullet points of what each new hire is set to bring to the table.

Lesa Miller, Scout's new Chief Operating Officer:

  • Juris Doctor degree from Stetson University School of Law in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1996.
  • Practiced law in Florida, a wild place to do so, for nearly two decades. Comics has a new lawyer in town, Charles Soule.
  • "Accomplished computer programmer and website designer and is certified as a circuit civil mediator." If any industry needs a civil mediator, it's this one, so welcome to comics, Lesa Miller.

Trent Miller, new General Counsel of Scout Comics:

  • Graduated from the Delaware School of Law in 1997, is a member in good standing of the Florida bar.
  • Has litigated thousands of cases.
  • Represented some of the most prominent companies, clients, and insurance carriers in America.
  • Basically, do not start any drama Scout Comics. The lawyers are on deck.

Megan Marsden, Scout's new Marketing Liaison:

  • Worked in the Diamond Comics Distributors marketing department.
  • Worked in planning and creating of Free Comic Book Day and Halloween ComicFest content.
  • "Megan joined Diamond's print purchasing team in October 2018 as a brand manager to many independent publishers, including Scout Comics."

Joel Rodriguez, Scout's new Head of Design:

  • Experienced letterer and designer.
  • Crowdfunded his comic The Dusk County Chronicles through his company Metal Ninja Studios. Will there be beef between him and the team behind Metalshark Bro and Ninja Nuns? Only time will tell.

Andrea Lorenzo Molinari, Scout's new Editorial Director:

  • Co-writer/ co-creator of The Shepherd graphic novel series through Scout Comics' horror imprint Black Caravan.
  • Ph.D. from Marquette University with a specialty in ancient religious history and literature.
  • Worked editorial in various forms for Caliber Comics, Amigo Comics, Action Lab, and Behemoth Comics.

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