Silvestri And McFarlane Show Off Cover For Kirkman

For Robert Kirkman's upcoming seventh issue of Manifest Destiny, he got two of Image's founders to team up for the cover. Marc Silvestri provided the loose pencils and then Todd McFarlane inked the piece. McFarlane shared both the pencils and inks along with some commentary on his facebook page:


A few posts back I showed you the start of me inking a rough pencilled cover done by artist ace Marc Silvestri. This is the page where we had talked and I told him to not worry about getting 'too tight' with the pencil details because I would add some extra lines and textures to help get it finished.

Below you'll see both the PENCIL rough by Marc and the finished INKS by myself, just so you can get a sense of how this particular process went. Remember, not all pencils are this loose, because most of the inkers in the business didn't begin their careers as a pencil artist first (like myself). So I think that gives me a bit of an advantage because I use to ink all of my own work and I only did super rough composition before I dove head first into the inking stage.

The title of this book is called MANIFEST DESTINY and this is the cover for issue #7 (published by Image Comics, written by The Walking Dead co-creator, Robert Kirkman.

The key to learning how to ink properly is to try and have as much variation in your lines as possible, as well as making the lines different thicknesses. Also the more different types of textures you can simulate gives a page much more depth.


ToddMarc1 ToddMarc2

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