Skybound Ends Outer Darkness, but Chu is Coming Soon!

Launching in November of 2018 from Skybound, John Layman's next big title after Chew was Outer Darkness, a strange mix of humor, sci-fi, and horror with Afu Chan on art. The series ran for 12 issues, collected in two trades, before launching into the Outer Darkness / Chew miniseries that ran 3 issues.  However, the crossover seems to be Outer Darkness' last hurrah as John Layman tweeted last week that Outer Darkness had been ended by Skybound, known best for founder Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead.

Starting with a tweet last Wednesday, about issue #3 will be the last issue of the crossover:

When asked why this would also be the last issue, Layman, in a now-deleted tweet, said Skybound had informed him that sales meant Skybound didn't want to go forward with more.  Layman asked his fans to not bombard Skybound with anger over the ending, as he completely understood their reasoning, but the tweet prompted several angry responses leading to its deletion. Unlike Chew, Outer Darkness is not owned and trademarked by Layman, but by Skybound, meaning the decision to end the series lay with Robert Kirkman's Skybound LLC.

Despite a strong start, the second print of issue #1, a second print for the crossover with Chew #1 issue, and promotion at SDCC, the series will not be going on from Skybound, and according to Layman Outer Darkness / Chew serves as a final story for Tony Chu, the star of Layman's acclaimed creator-owned Image series Chew, that ended with issue 60 back in November 2016. However going forward Layman has the new series Chu, serving as a prelude for Chew and staring Tony Chu's sister Saffron. Layman has been showing the variant covers that have been lined up for the new series on Twitter:

Chu #1 arrives in comic book stores on July 15th.

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