The Courier & Robyn Hood Lead Zenescope January 2021 Solicitations

Zenescope Entertainment, an indie publisher that is celebrating its fifteenth year publishing horror and dark fantasy comics, is debuting their January 2021 offerings here at Bleeding Cool. The company known for long-running titles such as Grimm Fairy Tales and Robyn Hood, as well as occasional licensed titles including Charmed and Se7en, is following through on what editor Dave Franchini told Bleeding Cool earlier this month, switching their format to one-shots and quarterlies. In addition to their main titles continuing in this format, there will also be a miniseries sequel to writer Ralph Tedesco's The Courier from 2017.

The Courier cover. Credit: Zenescope
The Courier cover. Credit: Zenescope

Zenescope's full January 2020 solicitations include:

The Courier: Liberty and Death Issue 1 of 3
Ralph Tedesco (W) Oliver Borges (A)
MINI-SERIES • 40 PAGES • FC • $5.99 • TEEN
When Eve returns to Liberty — the stronghold where she was raised — she reconnects with her brother, who works for a ruthless gang leader named Gillings. And when old debts are asked to be paid in the form of murder, Eve must find a way to save not only her brother but her soul.

Robyn Hood: Iron Maiden cover. Credit: Zenescope
Robyn Hood: Iron Maiden cover. Credit: Zenescope

Robyn Hood: Iron Maiden
Joe Brusha (W)
ONE-SHOT • 40 PAGES • FC • $5.99 • TEEN
She's an outlaw, a vigilante, and a hero who brings justice to those in need. Robyn has been there for her city even when her city has had a target on her back. Still considered an outlaw in the city she calls home, it's daily torture for Robyn to not be able to freely roam the streets as she deals with strikes from all sides. But when a new threat comes to town, one too familiar with torture herself, will it be too much for our favorite archer to handle when she takes on: The Iron Maiden!

Belle: Thunder of Gods
Dave Franchini (W)
ONE-SHOT • 40 PAGES • FC • $5.99 • TEEN
A warrior is only as good as the weapon they master unless that weapon is capable of destroying all in its path. The underbelly of Philadelphia is stirring, and the rumblings are whispering war. Belle is about to get pulled into something she doesn't fully understand, but something that could destroy all she holds dear is about to be unleashed. Don't miss this epic clash as Belle takes on the thunder of gods!

Van Helsing: Hellfire cover. Credit: Zenescope
Van Helsing: Hellfire cover. Credit: Zenescope

Van Helsing: Hellfire
Joe Brusha (W)
ONE-SHOT • 40 PAGES • FC • $5.99 • TEEN
Van Helsing has dealt with it all, from cursed creatures and undead beings to interdimensional travel and the underworld itself. But when a new threat arises in the form of the Hellfire club, a cult of demon worshipers determined to tear our world down, Liesel must rely on every skill she has at her disposal, as well as her highly inventive intellect, if she hopes to survive what is coming her way!
Don't miss this monumental issue that features the goddess of death herself, Keres!

Grimm Fairy Tales 45
Dave Franchini (W)
As Skye's quest to free Shang from the Dark Book continues, she'll soon learn not everyone wants her to succeed at her task, some more adamantly than others. Be sure not to miss this next chapter in Skye's journey!

Grimm Universe Presents Quarterly: Darkwatchers
Story by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, & Dave Franchini
ONE-SHOT • 80 PAGES • FC • $8.99 • TEEN
Legend has it that long ago, a coven of witches and warlocks sought to perform a ritual that would grant them immeasurable power and eternal life for a cost. But this cost was not fully understood, and those who performed it were forever held between the veil of our world and eternity, cursed to watch the living and trapped with an insatiable hunger. They became known as the Darkwatchers!
Along the Santa Lucia Mountain Range, there have been tales of beings who watch travelers from the horizon, and some say those who look upon them vanish, never to be see again. With these stories said to have been happening more frequently, and as Gretel and Calabar are making their way through this stretch of land, they are about to be pulled into something not even the nearly three-hundred-year-old witch hunter has come across in her life!

Robyn Hood: Vigilante
Ben Meares (W) Babisu Kourtis (A) Juan Manuel Rodriguez (C)
After recent events, Robyn has found herself on the other side of the law. Hunted and unwelcome both on the streets of the city she calls home, and by the family of outlaws she made in the Underground, Robyn is dealing with her new status quo the only way she knows how with a fistful of questions and bow full of arrows. Aimed at getting revenge on those who have turned her life upside down, she must seek out the answers to return things to the way they were, or the closest thing to it, by any means necessary. Don't miss this redefining, new series, Robyn Hood: Vigilante!

Collects Robyn Hood Vigilante #1 – 6.

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