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Adventures Into Darkness #7 (Standard, 1952)
Perhaps best known for titles such as Exciting Comics and Startling Comics, publisher Ned Pines put out 1211 comic book issues across 117 titles from 1939 to 1959, using imprints including Better, Nedor, and Standard.  As those numbers imply, many of those titles were short-lived, and like many comic book publishers, Pines was quick to[...]
The Classic Covers of Alex Schomburg on Wonder Comics, Up for Auction
When it came to illustrating covers, there was simply no one else in Alex's league." Perhaps best known for his early pulp covers and his beautifully detailed artwork for Marvel/Timely covers on titles like Marvel Mystery Comics, Captain America Comics, Human Torch, and many others, Schomburg's later-era airbrushed comic book covers for titles like Wonder[...]