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Don't Call Them Sidekicks: 8 Essential Young Justice Season 1 Episodes
Tired of being seen as sidekicks, Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad respond to a fire at Cadmus in order to prove their mettle. Inside Cadmus, the proto-team discovers some strange goings on, including Project Kr, a clone of Superman The trio are in too deep — literally — to contact the Justice League for help and[...]
Teen Titans #20 cover by Bernard Chang and Wil Quintana
It's more than that; it's genuine disillusionment and a possibly pitch-black path for Damian and company. Yet, you look at someone like Brother Blood, a man ready to carve up a teenage girl for his macabre beliefs, and you struggle to argue that he doesn't deserve whatever Robin has planned for him. Kid Flash's representation here does[...]
Flash #50 cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi
Meanwhile, Kid Flash is the only one who can save Iris Allen and Commander Cold from disappearing into the void of Nowhen. The Flash #50 cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi [user_id] The Flash #50 succeeds in bringing "Flash War" to a solid and genuinely compelling end I'm unsure why this was the name used for the conflict[...]
Teen Titans Special #1 cover by Robson Rocha, Trevor Scott, and Hi-Fi
Kid Flash finds the Suicide Squad trying to kidnap a woman, and he tries to help However, young Wallace is stopped by older Wally, aka the Flash Older Wally tries to convince young Wallace that there are complex situations that can't always be resolved by heroism. Teen Titans Special #1 cover by Robson Rocha, Trevor Scott,[...]
Legends of Tomorrow season 4
This was surprising because the end of season 3 had Amaya, aka Vixen, going back to defend her village while Wally, aka Kid Flash, had just joined the team So what happened? Seems Wally's time on the Waverider went by in a Flash as TVLine is reporting that Lonsdale will not be a series regular for season[...]
The Flash #47 cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi
Flash War begins with Barry Allen and the elder Wally West assailed by the Renegades, a Rogues-inspired future police force, who want to arrest Iris West for the murder of Eobard Thawne. Does it make for a good read?
Teen Titans #19 cover by Dan Mora
Meanwhile, Kid Flash, Raven, Aqualad, and Starfire try to control the crowd driven mad by Joran's NeVRland technology. Teen Titans #19 cover by Dan Mora This is my first excursion with the Teen Titans, unless you count Dan Abnett's Titans, since the Lazarus Contract story. I was pleasantly surprised by how complex the themes of this installment were,[...]