The Flash #767 Review: Nothing Happened In This Issue

Literally, nothing happened in The Flash #767. Given that this is the second installment of an apparently grandiose crossover, one might expect perhaps something to deepen the story or perhaps move the plot forward. Nah. The title character runs … and falls down … and talks … and then runs.
Flash #767 Review: Nothing Happened In This Issue
The Flash #767 Cover. Credit: DC Comics
The Frost King has plunged the world into a snowy disasterscape, with frozen monsters battling heroes and first responders on every continent. Barry Allen seems adrift, going from China to the Middle East to Central City, looking for something to punch, some solution to divine. Given that this is, as noted, only the second part of a bigger story, it should come as no surprise that he finds no true conclusion. What is surprising, given his power set, is how the cold begins to slow his metabolism in a way that even he says is unlike the normal cast of temperature challenged villains he faces. He slows down and relies on the kindness of people historically not known for their mercy.
There's a prelude involving the Demon Knights, er, The Avengers of 1,000,000 BC, er, the Senior Mafia of the Justice League Viking (only one of them is an actual Viking) that only shows that their combined might was insufficient … which was made more than apparent in the inaugural issue. As well as nothing being changed by the events here, no new information was uncovered. That's weird, given the caliber of the creators on board. The man who made Kyle Rayner the GL of a generation in Ron Marz. One of the guys who put GOTG on the map in Andy Lanning. Crisp and detailed art on a global scale from Clayton Henry, Marcelo Maiolo, and Steve Wands. This had every possible ingredient to do something memorable … yet it didn't.
By Andy Lanning, Ron Marz, Clayton Henry, Marco Santucci
Endless Winter chapter two! As the world's heroes rush to stop the freezing conditions running rampant across the globe, the Fastest Man Alive speeds directly into Black Adam. With the planet losing hope, the Flash and Kahndaq's ruler must find a way to work together, while a story from Black Adam's past reveals his connection to the threat that now returns to end the world with freezing ice and fearsome frost.

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