The Great Cyclops Conspiracy Of 2014 – Part Two

Two days ago, Bleeding Cool ran The Great Cyclops Conspiracy, a theory from two readers, based in part upon our own reporting about the nature of Axis. Look, they even made a video.


Later that day, Marvel revealed more information about Axis that seemed to prop up both aspects.

And it has been pointed out that, as well as being a bit Apocalypsey, Cyclops has another "demon" inside him, in the form of The Void, the evil side to The Sentry.

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Wouldn't The Void be a perfect target for any "inversion" as well as the Apocalypse part of him?

Also, another reader gets in touch, Jack Fisher, with his take on the whole thing.

The theory about Cyclops' connection to Apocalypse being revisited makes sense. It also makes sense that Marvel would want to raise Apocalypse's profile in anticipation of his upcoming movie in 2016. But I don't think the part of the theory about Cyclops being killed off fits and for one very particular reason: Marvel billed the post-AvX era as Cyclops' redemption. I believe Axel Alonso himself said that Cyclops had a big hole to dig himself out of for killing Charles Xavier and that's the story they want to tell. Him dying at the hands of Apocalypse would basically end that story before it has really had a chance to gain traction. I think keeping him alive, especially with Wolverine being dead, makes more sense. And I think I have an idea about what they'll do and how it'll fit into the whole "Inversion" concept.

It goes like this: Cyclops has always had to make the hardest decisions, even when everybody else doesn't agree with them. Now, he and the X-Men are up against somebody in the Red Skull who is out to exterminate the mutant race, Nazi concentration camp style. We already saw that he's capable of doing this during the Apocalypse Twins arc in Uncanny Avengers. Now with the power of Onslaught, he's a force that even the X-Men and Avengers combined can't stop. So who could save the mutant race? Who else is on Onslaught's power level? Enter Apocalypse.

This is where Cyclops makes another one of those hard decisions that nobody is going to like. He's going to confront Genesis and, perhaps with help from Sinister, rekindle Apocalypse. But he won't be a horseman or some mindless follower either. He'll actually willingly ally himself with Apocalypse because he knows its in all their best interests to prevent the Red Skull from exterminating the mutant race. I think even Havok will have to agree with him on this one and I think Remender did mention in an earlier interview that there would be some moments of brotherly love between him and Cyclops.

This will create a situation that's similar to what's happening with Lex Luthor in Justice League. Apocalypse will suddenly become the hero that helped save the mutant race. He might even agree to join Cyclops' mutant revolution, seeing that as the best means to ensure that the mutant race remains strong moving forward. How much wider would the schism grow if Cyclops allied himself with Apocalypse? He's already done so with Magneto. Apocalypse would be the next logical step.

This would definitely fit the whole "inversion" concept of villains becoming good and heroes becoming evil. Genesis has already shown that he's trying to not become the villain he's destined to be. Cyclops has shown, time and again, that he's willing to make decisions that will make him come off as a villain, even if he ends up being right in the end. So that, I believe, will be the fuel for the next great conflict between the X-Men. Apocalypse will now become allied with heroes in the same way Lex Luthor has done in Justice League. That would establish him nicely for his upcoming movie and add many new complications to the X-Men moving forward.

So… what do you reckon?

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