Thor #3 Review: Cracks are Showing in the Formula, but the Book is Still Great

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We open on a wedding ceremony in Niffleheim/Hel which Thor, Loki, Baldur, Hela, Tyr, and Karinila are attending. We then flashback to what led to this; Thor, Loki, Karnila, and Baldur are battling Hela and Tyr for the leadership of Hel while Sindr, Queen of Cinders, is on her way to smash what is left of Baldur and Hela's regime in Hel.

Thor #3 cover by Mike del Mundo
Thor #3 cover by Mike del Mundo

Thor #3 is starting to show some potential weak points of this new era of the Thunder God's comic. While I did praise Thor's newfound personality and sense of humor, the comic is risking its sense of tension and any degree of seriousness with the constant one-liners all characters spout off frequently. This wasn't a problem in Jason Aaron's Thor before the relaunch.

          The book has become quite wordy too, and that bogs down the pacing without adding much of worth for the overall comic.

That said, I can't say that I didn't still get into this book. The brewing War of Realms is a hel of a compelling story, and Thor is still lovable in this chattier version. Plus, he takes some incredible risks in the name of peace, and that definitely adds something to the character. Plus, Loki continues to be great and among Marvel's best villains.

Thor #3 art by Mike del Mundo with Marco D'Alfonso
Thor #3 art by Mike del Mundo with Marco D'Alfonso

Mike del Mundo's artwork gives me some mixed feelings. While I still enjoy the storybook aesthetic of his amorphous and highly stylized book, it has made some panels difficult to parcel out. Plus, it adds to the cutting of tension, as many panels look a little goofy. I still like it to a point, and the psychedelic color palette is a thing to behold.

Thor #3 shows some cracks in the new setup with its tone difficulties and unclear art renditions, but it's still a fun book and among Marvel's better titles of the moment. It's not perfect, but still has plenty of charm and creativity behind it. I can easily recommend this issue. Check it out.

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