Thursday Runaround – Saying Goodbye To Comics In South Carolina


Colourist Rachelle Rosenberg-Atkinson writes;

So as of Friday, I am officially Marvel exclusive

Don't spend the healthcare all at once, you hear?


That melted Joker's Daughter #1 cover? It's at over $17 on eBay so far

spider_man_tribute_cover_by_axerabbit-d5yhsmvA MISSION TO COMMISSION

Matt Wieman writes;

This is a call for any and all who wish to get a great commission at a great price!

You'll be helping out my family, as well. Me, my wife and our 3 boys are in jeopardy of losing our home at the end of this month (September 2013). We need to raise as much money as we can. So, if ever you wanted a commission from me, now is the time, folks!

You can also check out his eBay account.


Mike Hawthorne is hard at work in his studio…


Greg Rucka talks about the new Gotham TV show, and how it might relate to his work on comic series Gotham Central.

  1. I was as surprised and delighted as everyone to hear they were making a "young Gordon" cop show.
  2. As far as I know, this has nothing to do with Gotham Central.
  3. If it did have anything to do with Gotham Central, that wouldn't matter, because DC owns the rights and the characters, as they should. This was work-for-hire, something all of us knew at the start.
  4. I have not been contacted by anyone involved.
  5. I would be delighted to be contacted by anyone involved ;)
  6. I wish FOX and DC Entertainment success with the show.

That's it. No drama, no trauma.

Looking forward to seeing it.

While co-writer Ed Brubaker says;


Heroes & Dragons of South Carolina says goodbye to comics.

ANNOUNCEMENT: As of November 1, 2013, we will no longer be carrying new comics. We have decided to expand the collectibles aspect of the store, which includes back issue comics, graphic novels/trades, toys, books, and the Dollar Room, all of which are our most profitable areas. We are already the largest purchaser of collections both locally and regionally, so we feel this the best route for the store to take to continue to provide great pop culture/collectible merchandise at great prices. We hope you will continue to shop at Heroes & Dragons and continue to make us the coolest store both in and out of town!


Kingstone Comics gets profiled by The Christian Post.

"One of the key things is quality of content both from an artistic level and both from a theological level. Almost all of our artists have worked with Marvel or DC. Our goal was to put a Kingstone comic next to a Marvel comic and nobody would know the difference," he said.

They also just released a comic by New York Times best selling author and Christian apologist Randy Alcorn called Eternity.

Ayris says Kingstone Comics range from Biblical stories to apologetics and even stories of faith. They have several fictional comics as well.

"We do the Bible comics and apologetics. Apologetics is our strongest seller," he said.

The Book of God explains to people how the process of creating and crafting the Bible to God's specification came to be. 101 Questions About the Bible and Christianity answers the toughest of all inquiries about the scriptures in an easily understood way.

Because Kingstone converts Christianity to something visual and easy to read, Ayris says non-believers and even people of the Muslim faith are fans of the comic. He says comics are a format that everyone knows and trusts. It is straightforward, and people can make their own judgments without feeling like they are tricked into believing something.

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