Tom King Drops Double Figure F-Bombs at the DC Nation Panel at #NYCC

The DC Nation Panel at New York Comic-Con saw the A-List creators of DC Comics chatting on stage with DC publisher Dan DiDio. All very jovial and entertaining, like hanging with old friends. Jim Lee, Lee Bermejo, Nora Jemisin, Tony Daniel, Tom King and more to chat about the line,

As well as the new DC Continuity Timeline that Dan DiDio has been promising since San Diego Comic Con, we also got a very sweary Tom King. Clearly he has a bit of a reputation for this, and the team started a Tom King Swear Counter.

They soon lost count. Here is Tom King talking about how he came to DC Comics after writing Vision (and yes, confirming that it's that comic that's being turned into WandaVision for Marvel) – and blaming Dan DiDio for at least a third of the swearing because it's all quotes from him.

Not sure if that would have been enough of a pacifier to those with young children in the audience but, to be fair, they're at New York Comic Con, they're going to hear a lot worse.

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