Top 5 TV Shows That Should Get a Licensed Comic Book

In Bleeding Cool's earlier piece about why licensed titles are one of the best gateways for new readers into the wild world of comics, we sang the praise of some great TV shows that have been continued or adapted into the graphic medium. Now, let's take a look at some television that would make terrific licensed comics that have yet to make the jump… or maybe titles that were once comics, that have ceased publication.

Here are the Top Five TV shows that should get a licensed comic. Spoilers for all the shows listed may be included, as their endings will be discussed.

Top 5 TV Shows That Should Get a Licensed Comic Book. Credit: Orange is the New Black promo
Top 5 TV Shows That Should Get a Licensed Comic Book. Credit: Orange is the New Black promo

5. Supernatural

This one is a no-brainer. DC once published Supernatural comics through their Wildstorm label, but those were prequel stories that focused on the Winchesters through the earlier times in their lives. It has been years since Supernatural comics were published, and with the (really) long-running TV series coming to an end, what better time to launch a licensed comic? Fans will be hungry for more and, if the series ends with either obliteration or an end to Sam and Dean's crusade against both heaven and hell, the structure of Supernatural is such that a comic could take place at any point in the series' long run. The thought that there isn't an ongoing comic with Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Crowley is odd, as this seems like a missed opportunity to tap into an audience that very obviously wants more, more, and more of this show.

4. Dave

Dave might seem like an odd choice for a comic, but this hilarious TV show would be perfect for this medium. It's a little odd that an industry with "comic" in the name could seem so humorless to someone either exploring comics Twitter or looking at the genre-heavy offerings from most major publisher. Comics needs more comedy, Dave has that perfect blend of humor and drama that would translate perfectly to this medium. It follows up-and-coming rapper Lil Dicky as he attempts to navigate his industry and, even though this show has only aired one season so far, it's a concept that's rich enough that a licensed comic would have a lot of grounds to cover.

3. Lost

Lost's ending was a new beginning for some of its characters, leaving part of the cast tasked with taking care of the island. It's unlikely that this series will come back to TV as we knew it, but a licensed comic continuation would be the perfect format for a show that already has ties to the industry. Not only did writer Brian K. Vaughan work on some of the show's best episodes, but Morning Glories writer Nick Spencer was openly inspired by the show and used that inspiration to thrill his readership with an ongoing supernatural mystery in his series.

2. Orange is the New Black

Much like LostOrange is the New Black was an ensemble TV show that wrapped up many storylines by the end while leaving other characters with more tales to tell. The finale showed that many of the cast members missing in the final two seasons were together in another prison, which would make a killer setting for an indie-style comic telling character-based stories of the characters who are still behind bars.

1. Siren

Freeform's Siren is a tale of a small town called Bristol Cove that is… well, flip-turned upside down when a real-life mermaid arrives. After excellent seasons, Siren was cancelled with what felt like much story left to tell. The true beauty if licensed comics is when a story that ended too soon is given life in the graphic medium. A licensed Siren comic picking up where the TV series ends could either give breathe new life into the series, or give one final tale to wrap up this compelling, emotional saga.

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