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Power Book III: Raising Kanan adds two more to cast (Images: Freeform/HBO)
Natalee Linez (Siren) and Annabelle Zasowski (The Blacklist) have each been tapped for recurring roles Linez's Jessica Figueroa is a sharp and ambitious twenty-something who moves to South Jamaica, Queens from Baltimore Famous' older sister, Jessica is swept off her feet by Lou-Lou and his kind heart Zasowski's Nicole Bingham is a rich Upper East[...]
Top 5 TV Shows That Should Get a Licensed Comic Book
Siren Freeform's Siren is a tale of a small town called Bristol Cove that is… well, flip-turned upside down when a real-life mermaid arrives After excellent seasons, Siren was cancelled with what felt like much story left to tell The true beauty if licensed comics is when a story that ended too soon is given life in[...]
While the series made a strong debut back in 2018, the series' ratings would come back down to earth quite a bit over the following two seasons (with Deadline Hollywood reporting that the third season suffered a "double-digit ratings drop." Despite that, the series was Freeform's most-watched series during its second season and the network's[...]
Freeform's mermaid fantasy Siren brought the residents of Bristol Cove back to our screens with a two-part, two episode third season opener that wasted no time deep-diving into the drama Mermaid and new mom Ryn (Eline Powell) finds her bond with Ben (Alex Roe) and Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola) being pulled in a number of directions[...]
Freeform's Siren returns next Thursday, April 2, with a two-episode premiere ("Borders" and "Revelations"), and now the network is offering us a look at what's going on in the lives Bristol Cove folks not named Ben (Alex Roe), Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola), or new mother Ryn (Eline Powell). Ryn finds herself facing a new "alpha" in the[...]
Freeform's Siren comes swimming back to Freeform next Thursday, April 2, with a two-episode premiere ("Borders" and "Revelations"), and now the network is offering viewers a sneak preview of Bristol Cove's "new world order" – one that's about to be turned on its head That does not bode well for Ben (Alex Roe), Maddie (Fola[...]
With Siren swimming back to Freeform next Thursday, April 2 (with two-episode premiere "Borders" and "Revelations", running 9-11 p.m ET), we're starting to learn a little more about the "new world order" in Bristol Cove that Ben (Alex Roe), Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola), and Ryn (Eline Powell) will have to confront. Still adjusting to the layers of[...]
Fans of Eric Wald and Emily Whitesell's Siren still have some time to debate the ramifications of the second season finale of Freeform's mermaid fantasy-action drama before it returns for a third season, but that doesn't mean it's too early to start learning more about what season 3 will bring Ben (Alex Roe), Maddie (Fola[...]
marvel's helstrom
A liitle less than a month after Hulu and Marvel Studios' reaffirmed their commitment to Marvel's Helstrom with a major casting announcement of names that carry some serious "geek cred" with them (see below), we have yet another name to add to the cast. Freeform Daniel Cudmore (X-Men and Twilight franchises, Freeform's Siren) has been cast in[...]
Well, let's just say that the home of Eric Wald and Dean White's mermaid-fantasy series Siren has a problem with that on a number of levels. SIREN (Freeform/David Bukach) First, there's the obvious "corporate synergy" aspect: Freeform is part of The Walt Disney Company's umbrella of networks Of course, there's the obvious love the network has for "mermaids" –[...]