Venom #153 Review: A Glorious Amount Of Dinosaurs

Venom #153 Review: A Glorious Amount Of Dinosaurs

Stegron has control of the Devil Dinosaur! Venom and Moon Girl have to pull back to come up with a plan to free Devil and put a stop to Stegron's plans to turn all of New York into slave dinosaur people. Thankfully, Venom comes up with a plan to save the day; they only have to hope the plan works.

Venom #153 provides a simple and straightforward conclusion to the dinosaur-centric "Land Before Crime" story. Venom teams up with Moon Girl, (spoiler) uses his symbiote to free Devil Dinosaur, and the trio manage to stop Stegron's plans. Venom goes back to Alchemax, gets the medicine to help the symbiote, and the day is more-or-less saved.

Those hoping for more morally ambiguous stories with the grinning symbiote aren't exactly going to have their wishes fulfilled here. Mike Costa has shown potential for that in other Venom stories, but this one overall stays straight and narrow.

It is a little creepy to see this hulking, grinning, and predatory monster running around with a little girl in tow. Venom shows that he cares about her, and there's nothing suspect, obviously. It just looks a bit weird in action.

It is a bit dumb at times. The manner in which Moon Girl finally ruins Stegron's serum is a little too convenient and a bit nonsensical. Venom's line of logic that he could drown Stegron is seriously flawed, even if it works.

That said, the chemistry between Eddie and the symbiote does work. They are a compelling sort-of-duo, and they are very likable in an uncomfortable way.

Venom #153 Review: A Glorious Amount Of Dinosaurs

Gerardo Sandoval remains a great choice for this book, even if his faces look somewhat strange. There's a particular panel of Moon Girl that just looks all kinds of off. However, his Venom looks stellar, so it can be mostly overlooked in the long run. Venomized Devil Dinosaur looks pretty damn cool, but there could have been more done with that idea.

That being said, this action his fun and kinetic. The punches and blows are depicted in a satisfying way. Sandoval's action sequences do a lot of the work in making this an overall enjoyable read.

Dono Sanchez-Almara provides a lot of contrasting colors to the page. Bright blues, purples, and reds are contrasted with pale oranges and the dark blacks of the symbiote. He really brings the overall look together.

Venom #153 isn't a brilliant comic, but it's a lot of fun. After some of the underwhelming reads this week has brought me, Venom perfectly satisfied me. It didn't do more, but at least it didn't do less. It's a good ride, and I can give it a recommendation.

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