When A Superhero Sleeps With A Sidekick… Not The Killing Joke, But Cougar And Cub By Nick Marino, Announcing At San Diego Comic-Con Today


The current topic setting the internet on fire involved the nature of the relationship between Batman and Batgirl in the new animated movie adaptation of The Killing Joke.

You can read more about that here, here and especially here.

Which is suddenly a rather opportune and coincidental moment for Nick Marino to announce his new comic book, Cougar And Cub at San Diego Comic-ConMarino explained it to me

A satirical superhero story that spins out of this saucy scenario: What happens when a superhero sleeps with her sidekick? From there, we tackle the fallout. How would their tryst complicate the working relationship? And what if her supervillains found out?

My co-creator is Daniel Arruda Massa and I feel like he's leveled up in the most awesome way since our collaboration on Holy F*ck! His art on Cougar and Cub is bonkers. He's already drawn and colored my scripts for Cougar and Cub #1-5, doing all of the outrageous sound effects by hand. I love it!

Plus, he gets a chance to spread his wings on our Flashback Backups, homaging comic book art from the 50s-90s. They're written by Rosie Knight, formerly of London's Orbital Comics, who's absolutely killing it with her rad scripts. This is her first comic book work, though she's been doing all kinds of cool writing for over a decade, with lots of poetry performances in London and beyond. (She even cut a 7" with Dylan Carlson as "The Hackney Lass".)

I'm currently finishing up the letters for the lead story in issues #2-5. We're anticipating Cougar and Cub #1 will be in the October or November 2016 Previews catalog. We've got an intense five issue story planned for now and we'd be thrilled to do more, schedules and sales permitting.

Take a look. Or watch the Killing Joke. Or both.

01-cougar-and-cub-the-car 02-cougar-and-cub-brawl 03-cougar-and-cub-kiss 04-cougar-and-cub-backup3-wip 06-cougar-and-cub-norm1 07-cougar-and-cub-norm2


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