Wonder Woman on Dr Manhattan – or Dan DiDio? Infinite Frontier #0

Bleeding Cool previously noted what we thought might be a dig against the former publisher of DC Comics, Dan DiDio, in the Death Metal #7 event finale for the sequel series created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo for DC Comics. Which saw Wally West sitting in the Mobius Chair with the power of Dr Manhattan as a "bad idea". The comic also saw Wally West running around with guns, as a reference to the original plan for the opening of Heroes In Crisis.

In Doomsday Clock – and in the Superman, Teen Titans and Batman comics, Dr Manhattan was shown as creating the New 52 reality of DC Comics, changing the timeline and removing decades of continuity. Which has also seen as what Dan DiDio did, as co-publisher of DC Comics. This would not be the time the fictional and the fact have been combined for meta-purposes.

Dan DiDio was dropped by DC Comics a year ago, followed by big changes to his plans that included Generations, 5G and more, though as Bleeding Cool noted, his influence remains strong on what DC Infinite Frontier will become. Spoilers for Infinite Frontier #0 follow.

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Wonder Woman on Dr Manhattan – or Dan DiDio? Infinite Frontier #0

Next week's Infinite Frontier #0, now available to buy in certain comic book stores under the counter, as they see street dates more like a best-before date, sees Wonder Woman meet The Quintessence and go on a Books-Of-Magic-style tour of the DC Infinite Frontier universe, before Wonder Woman ascends to godhood. But, with the new DC universe laid out before her, she makes a notable statement.

Wonder Woman on Dr Manhattan - or Dan DiDio? Infinite Frontier #0

"For years, our lives were infected with despair. An omnipotent force from another world manipulated us as part of some grand experiment. It stole away so much. Our sense of legacy, our connections and faith in ourselves… We believed its lies for too long. It let worse aspects of the multiverse hurt us".

Is this force Dr Manhattan? Dan DiDio? Or the toxic fanbase? You get to choose… and then see the new chapters that DC's Infinite Frontier will unveil.

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