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Wynonna Earp: Season Zero #1 Review: Delving into the Past

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Wynonna Earp: Season Zero is the new five-issue tie-in to the hit Syfy show Wynonna Earp.

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Wynonna Earp: Season Zero isn't quite a prequel, though the main focus hinges on our titular character's shady past. Instead, it's meant as supplemental material for the show, answering some burning questions that don't quite fit in the main storyline.

Creator Beau Smith assures that for questions concerning the Banditos (the gang Wynonna once ran with), the mysterious key Wynonna wears around her neck, and the past that is coming back to haunt her, the answers can only be found here — making it a must-buy for any diehard fan of the TV show.

From an outsider's perspective, this isn't the easiest place to begin your journey with Wynonna and her crew. There is a bit of an attempt by writers Beau Smith and Tom Rozon to give you some crucial background on the characters, but it just comes across as wordy and unnecessary. Having characters sit around and reminisce about their past actions is too often clunky, and as in this case, fills what could be an interesting page with way too much dialogue. It would have made more sense to forego the attempt to grab the attention of a new reader or viewer in order to progress the story a little faster.

The art, by Angel Hernandez, is crisp, clean, and consistent. There isn't much in the way of action in the first issue, but what's there is translated well to the page. Some panels come off a bit stiff, but I'd chalk that up more to the unnatural actions of certain characters than the art itself. Character design between the TV series and this run of comics matches well, too. Even without the sometimes-ridiculous garb each character sports, there's never a question as to who is who.

Altogether, despite being rather wordy, it's a strong first issue. There's a burst of excitement in the middle that makes up for the drag in the beginning and transitions well to later flashbacks. And while there's some rather flawed logic, I find it easy to handwave, considering the nature of the show and series. If you're a fan who loves jumping into the background of your favorite characters, it's a no-brainer to pick this up.

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