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X-Men #16 Reveals Major Confrontation Between Wolverine And Krakoa

Oh, looks like we might have been bang on the money from the beginning with the latest Children Of The Vault twist in the X-Men comic books. In X-Men #16 As Forge goes into the Vault to rescue Darwin, the X-Man who survived and has been living, and surviving there, for hundreds, nay, thousands of years in a time-sped-up environment.

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Once upon a time we asked if the X-Men Infinity comic by Alex Paknadel and Julian Shaw might be foreshadowing something big. As Laura Kinney dealt with one of Maggot's maggots that had been resurrected by the Krakoan Five even though the original had not died.

Does X-Men Unlimited Foreshadow Laura Kinney's Wolverine Fiture?

With new X-Men member Laura Kinney getting rather personally involved with the situation.Does X-Men Unlimited Foreshadow Laura Kinney's Wolverine Fiture?


We pointed out that Laura Kinney, Wolverine, may also be a resurrected clone. That she joined Darwin and Synch to enter The Vault, a place where time is sped up, where she lived for hundreds of years before dying as part of their escape, and being regenerated by The Five, without any of her memories of that time, unlike Synch who was backed upfirst and was resurrected with all his memories of her, as his partner for all that time. However, we never saw Laura's body, It is very possible that there is another version of Laura Kinney from the Vault, hundreds of years old – would Emma Frost kill this Laura Kinney as well if the revelation was indeed made?

We also pointed out that as this new Laura Kinney was a new member of the X-Men, that this could cause real issues on the island, who have whole procedures to stop multiple versions of mutants being resurrected at the same time. And asked "Did Laura Kinney really die in the Vault? Was the younger version of herself resurrected without her Vault memories and now a member of the new X-Men team, at some point have to face a version of herself that has lasted centuries?"

Laura Kinney's powers certainly give her the power to survive that long in the Vault, and longer. In today's Crypt Of Shadows #1, Adam Warren tells us a story that sees Laura Kinney face off against the Man-Thing.

Marvel Comics

And with competing hallucinatory pheromones at play, sees the couple fight and fight and fight.

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For a very, very long time, constantly in a state of healing, far, far beyond that hundred years. I mean lots of Marvel characters have healing powers, with all sorts of weird twists, such as in today's X-Force #33, with Deadpool slowly recovering from being decapitated, growing a little baby body…

Marvel Comics

… as Kraven attacks Krakoa at the same time as the Eternals and the Progenitor Celestial from Judgment Day. That's right, you have nine tie-in issues last week, but only one this week. Seriously Marvel, sort this out. With Wolverine vs Wolverine in the comments.Marvel Comics

That would be the new revived Laura Kinney, Wolverine. And not the one who Forge finds in the Vault instead of Darwin.

Marvel Comics

Old Woman Laura Kinney, and now two versions of her on the island of Krakoa, the one who is hundreds of years old, older than Logan, and who still remembers her time and relationship with Synch. and the new, younger one, who does not. How will Krakoa deal with this situation, against its own protocols?

Marvel Comics

Is Emma Frost going to have to kill the new Laura Kinney, just as the duplicate Eany was killed? Or will she kill the old one?

(W) Chris Cooper, Various (A) Karen Darboe, Various (CA) Leinil Francis Yu
The heroes of the Marvel Universe spend most of their time in the bright sun, flying high above it all…but every once in a while, they venture into the darkness that lurks in the hidden corners of the world. There lurk the creatures, the monsters, the vampires…the ones who prey on innocence and goodness. Join us, and some of your favorite heroes, for tales of fangs, claws and silent, stalking swamp creatures to celebrate All Hallows' Eve! Rated T+In Shops: Oct 19, 2022 SRP: $5.99

X-MEN #16
(W) Gerry Duggan (A) Joshua Cassara (CA) Giuseppe Camuncoli
FORGING A WAY AHEAD! Forge has a secret mission that he's been working on for the Quiet Council for some time. Now that he's been elected to be one of the X-Men – the world's greatest heroes – it's time to put it into action…even if it does break some of the laws of Krakoa. Rated T+In Shops: Oct 19, 2022 SRP: $3.99

(W) Ben Percy (A) Christopher Allen (CA) Joshua Cassara
"THE HUNT FOR X" – CONCLUSION – AN A.X.E. TIE-IN! KRAVEN THE HUNTER. WOLVERINE. OMEGA RED. DINOSAURS. 'Nuff said! Parental AdvisoryIn Shops: Oct 19, 2022 SRP: $3.99

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